Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle

by Pavlina Toren

I am a huge fan of working out or being active. I think working out is super important and great for your overall health and well-being. Even more so than working out though, I think choosing to live an active healthy lifestyle is the key to feeling good. Whether you live in a warmer climate or in a place where you get to experience all 4 season, living an active healthy lifestyle requires only one thing: making a conscience choice to do it. And then there is the part of actually doing and sticking to it. So if you have made the choice to live a healthy lifestyle I want to share some easy tips on how to stick to it.


Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle


FIND YOUR “WHY.” Identify what motivates and drives your life toward self-care and being healthy. Is it someone special in your life, memories you would like to make or dreams you would like to achieve? Whatever it may be for you it will help you in achieving success in your healthy lifestyle.


UNITE. Join with others as a means to encourage, support and empower healthy changes. This could be a Facebook group where you share goals, inspirational quotes and healthy recipes or a monthly hiking club that encourages your exercise to be fun! The options are endless of how we can unite. Our healthy lifestyle not only makes us feel good about our choices but sets a great example for future healthy change in our loved ones.


SIMPLIFY YOUR NUTRITION. Getting back to the basics of whole food eating is one of the easiest ways to have a healthy diet. What is whole food eating? It is focusing on eating unprocessed REAL foods, increasing our produce intake, using fresh herbs to season our food instead of added salt, decreasing concentrated sweets, and choosing whole grains and lean proteins. This always seems to be the hardest change but the one that lets us see the real change. I have recently started a fitness journey and have incorporated some great recipes into my diet. Simple nutrition protects the heart and mind, decreases blood pressure naturally and prevents disease.


INCLUDE YOUR FAMILY. For me this is a important one, I am at the gym 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and on weekends I want to spend time with family. To maintain that healthy living attitude I get my family involved. Each week someone picks a activity to do outdoors. This keeps me moving and being active while doing something fun.


GET MOVING. Physical activity benefits the heart by decreasing total cholesterol and keeping your health in check. It also promotes a healthy weight that reduces the risk of developing disease. A big bonus is that activity has been proven to increase the release of hormones that produce that happy feeling.


There are so many benefits to choosing an healthy lifestyle. It will do wonders both for your body and your mind! So what are you waiting for start living a healthy, active life today.



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  1. Bariatric Eating

    Staying fit and healthy is very important. In order to inspire more to stay healthy, involving your family will really make a difference. Having a healthy family is really good.

  2. Candace

    Finding your why is the key to all of this. Thank you for sharing these great tips!

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