Defining Success – it’s not just about the money! by @AZanswers

by Ann Zuraw | Featured Contributor 

Since many of you are entrepreneurs with your own businesses,–you probably work hard all the time. However, your profit and loss statement is not the definition of your success.  As you can see in the financial life infographic—your assets cover much more: family, house, retirement, legal, investment experience, job/career, community/network, attitude, education and health.  When we define wealth, we usually want to know a person’s net worth in terms of assets minus liabilities. But how do you define assets and liabilities?   It’s not how much money you make, but how are you living your best life with the money you have.  There are many factors to consider.

Take into account all the components to achieve the best quality of life when making financial decisions. When  any of these financial life factors are disappointing or not where you expected, it can affect your total well-being. Be careful not just to measure the dollar value of your assets.

  • Sustain a healthy lifestyle and the desire to invest the time and energy needed to improve health, i.e. healthy diet, exercise and regular exams.
  • Being content with where you live, and having the financial means to continue to live the lifestyle you enjoy without being financially fearful.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and community. Utilize all the resources available and give back to the community, all this leads to a sense of well-being.
  • Lifelong learning builds on human capital. You are your most valuable asset. Improving your skills can enhance your earning potential.
  • Appreciation for self and value the contributions you make to the world whether it is through your own business, family and/or community.
  • Be mindful of your finances, when you live within your means while saving as much as possible and spending wisely you give yourself the freedom to have a happy, healthy life that includes options.

Being “wealthy” is not just about having lots of money, it’s about being satisfied with the life you are living and the continued effort to expand upon your success.


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