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by Patricia Weber

If you’ve ever had a health situation like wanting to lose weight, reduce arthritic pain or just feel healthier overall, maybe alkaline diet is a phrase you’ve heard. But what about detoxifying your business one step at a time?

A cleansing diet rids the body of toxins from eating in a way filled with sugars, starches, processed foods and sometimes too much fat.

Sometimes when our business isn’t as healthy as we like it to be, we might want to take a look through dieting eyes and find out what we could detoxify.

Even Bible scripture says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22).

Three things come to my mind when I think about renewing the spirit of my business.

Detoxify Your Business to Your Delight One Step at a Time


1. Rehydrate

Water is the mainstay in any body detox plan. In our business it’s about re-hydrating with more water, usually recommend at 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

When thinking about the mainstay (water) of our business, several things come to mind for consideration.

Do we have objectives? If we do then it’s highly likely we’ve thought things through like our values, our goals and our expectations.

rehydrate-your-businessWe might even go on automatic daily without even thinking about it.

Years ago I took a business course when it became apparent to me I was too much on automatic and either not appreciating accomplishments or not achieving what I could.

Then I started what I continue to do: a quarterly check-in. Am I on track or off course? And then basically course correct things. It could be anything from procrastinating, too much time on social media or not acknowledging that quarters accomplishment.

What do you need to rehydrate in your business?

2. Movemove-and-let-go

We also are likely familiar with the suggestion to exercise to improve circulation.

For me, exercise is my top one favorite activity to engage in at no cost.

What about moving in regards to our business?

Last year I remember being asked to be a guest on a popular women’s radio business show online. The woman and I are connected on LinkedIn for years.

After several weeks had gone by of not hearing from her with several confirming emails sent, I decided to let her know, the lack of response wasn’t working for me. I wouldn’t be on any call.

We were just three days out from the interview and finally, an email! It was an apology and a request to keep the engagement on my calendar.

But I felt it was time to let go. Time to – move. If previous life experiences teach me anything, if there is misalignment during the “dating” process it won’t get better afterwards. We parted amicably.

What might be misaligned for you that needs to cause you to move something in or out of your life?

3. Breathing naturallyDetoxify Your Business to Your Delight One Step at a Time

Breathing is spontaneous for us. Profound and purposeful breathing allows us to increase oxygen levels making us healthier. But sometimes, breathing on automatic means, we don’t get those deep cleansing breaths.

In looking around at my environment, my home business office, I am reminded of a few places that need some cleaning attention.

For some time, I was managing my InBox to zero by the end of any one week. It’s now got email creep, and it needs my attention. I always felt so relieved at the end of a week because there were zero emails to carry over in my mind.

And worst than that for me is my desk clutter. Three years ago I had a phenomenal decluttering of my office. Much to my husband’s delight as he saw me haul six lawn and leaf bags of stuff to our dumpster. While my office is virtually free of clutter, my desk has become a magnet for it recently.

I can feel my business breathing getting deeper and more purposeful already.

It’s time to make the Inbox zero and clutter free desktop a top priority.

Have your felt any particular nudges to what to detoxify n your business to work more efficiently and smarter?

Put some steps into place to Detoxify Your Business to Your Delight One Step at a Time and you will find your spirit renewed.


Patricia WeberPatricia Weber: I understand the possible difficulty of being an introvert in business and am on a mission to build the confidence of those more introverted, with a variety of practical tools to navigate communications work and life.

Since 2007, recognized internationally, on radio and in print, for most things introvert I blog at Followers, who regularly comment find the messages both resonate with them and inspire them.

My recent book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Find your voice in everyday business situations, is something a publisher asked me to write –imagine that.

If you are fed up with the often, uncomfortable extrovert rules, or tired of being tired, be ready to be inspired.

I am NOT shy. Many introverts are not either.

My work is not my life. I have other interests, in the past: had my own Harley Davidson (FX model no longer manufactured) until I slid horizontally a few times!

That’s why now; I go along with my husband in our safer car hobby.

Also, we enjoy traveling. We go from one coast to another to have the joy of seeing my son and his family including two granddaughters. On occasion, it’s off to Europe.

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2 Replies to “Detoxify Your Business to Your Delight One Step at a Time by @patweber”

  1. Irish Carter

    HI Patricia,

    Great article! Loved your comparison of how we detox our bodies. I recently have begun using the zero email method and love it. I feel like I have a healthy balance to business this way. I am staying on top of an important piece of communication and boy do I wish I would have practiced this a long time ago. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week ahead. Take care.


    1. Patricia Weber[ Post Author ]

      Hi Irish. I started Inbox Zero middle of last year. Every once in a while when I’ve been traveling, it gets out of control for a few days. But on my return, I start on the habit again.

      Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to not have any emails in your Inbox?

      Thanks so much for that detox your business idea.

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