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There are times when you reach a point in life when you know that change has to occur. Sometimes you know what needs to change and sometimes you don’t but there is always a “knowing” present that pulls you in the direction you need to go. I know that feeling all too well. It can be exciting, frustrating, scary and spiritual all at the same time! Sheesh! Just thinking about it gives me the “ugh” feeling in my stomach! This process is what some call, stretching or growing pains. I call it, Increasing Your Capacity…to Receive.

As we grow and evolve in life, our experiences tend to make us want more. More joy, more pleasure, more knowledge, more success, more love, more expansion. The question is, how do you expand to receive the more that life has to give you? I’m so glad you asked because I’m here to give some guidance and to ease your mind.

  • Honor the Fact That Increasing is a Divine Gift

Have ever heard the words, “…be fruitful and multiply”? Yes, increasing your capacity to receive is an expected part of your life’s blueprint. Some of us have allowed life and people to brainwash us into thinking that going for the more of life for the sake of progress is a negative thing. Newsflash: THAT’S A LIE! You were literally created to expand. The more you honor that reality in your life, the more life will show up to give to you because you have the capacity to receive from it.

  • Recognize What You Need to Let Go of and Do It

Sometimes the easiest thing that we can do to make room and increase our capacity is to empty ourselves of what is no longer serving us. When we hold on to people, past experiences, and potential we don’t have room to receive the positive things that life desires us to have. If your hand is desperately holding on to an old boyfriend in your heart, you don’t have to room to receive the love you could experience now. Being aware of what’s holding you back, confronting its hold on your forward progress, and doing something about it is a rewarding way to increased capacity.

  • Change Your Expectations

What do you expect to show up into your life? Do you expect for things to change, stay the same, get worse, turnaround for the better? What’s your expectation? There’s no way around it, what you think becomes what you believe and what your believe becomes your reality. Look, I understand, life can hand you some crap that you didn’t sign up for and have no control over, but you don’t have to accept it. No, you don’t. You also don’t have to believe everything that you think. Negative thoughts will come, no doubt about it, but you can think another thought and expect a different outcome….you did know that, didn’t you? There are times I wake up and don’t feel like adulting that day, but then I choose to think differently and expect a different day. When I do this and change my expectation, I begin to see the miracles, blessings, and opportunities that are around me everyday. It really boils down to choice.

So there you have it…it’s not hard, but it is a choice to increase your capacity for life. Don’t ignore your internal knowing for necessary change. Honor your presence in the world, let go of what’s no longer serving you, and change what you expect to show up in your life so that you can increase your capacity to overflow with all that life is eager to give you!




Lorea SampleLorea M. Sample: The 411?: Grew up in Philadelphia, PA and now reside in Columbia, SC. In 2001 by a miracle, but mainly perseverance, I graduated from Clemson University and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. By day I’m an Engineer with a 10+ year career in Environmental Engineering BUT by PURPOSE I’m a Speaker & Entrepreneur in the Business of Worthiness with the mission to empower women of influence to get unstuck and accomplish more in life by UNlearning UNworthinessTM. A lot of things are learned but I help women live the UNlearned LifeTM through Speaking, Coaching, Events & Storytelling. I love kickboxing training (I’m dangerous!), running (well, kinda like jogging-walking-jogging), crocheting, participating in my local church and playing with my puppy-child, Alex, my adorable 5 year old yorkie-poo! If you wanna see how I roll on the regular, check me out on:

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