Life Hack For Eating On The Run by @MelissciousT

by Melissa Traynor | Featured Contributor 

I feel so ashamed in posting this particular post because it isn’t going to give the advice of eating freshly homemade all organic blah blah blah. Oh wait, I am not at all ashamed because I woke up and realized that advice like that is mostly great on paper (and yes even I have dished it out). Yes, eating organic whole food and ideally taking prepped meals with you on the go is what you want to (try to always) do but c’mon you are a go-getting woman, potentially a mom to boot, and life doesn’t always pan out as planned. This is why you need a variant solution.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour life can change in an instant and sometimes a B or C option instead of an A, is what you need and is certainly much better than an F (trans-fat filled, high sugar, chemical laden, no-nutrient value fast food options at the drive through or other counter). As a go-getter often living on the fly, you need to have some decent fuel to help your energy levels and moods and to battle the stressors of your day. Below are a few B and C options that can help you keep your energy and health GPA above a failing grade.

1. Keep a case of water, two or three shaker cups, and some protein powder in baggies or a few packets of healthful meal replacements in your car. You can also stash a few protein bars in there. Aim for a caloric intake of about 300-400 with a makeup of about 20-30 grams of carbohydrates (less than 5 grams of sugar, more than 3-4 grams of fiber), 20-30 grams of protein and about 10 grams of fat coming from non-hydrogenated sources.

SONY DSC2. Hit up a 7-11 or other big chain gas station/rest stop type of corner store. Unless you live incredibly rural, you will have these on almost every other block. Most of these have options like pre-cooked hard boiled eggs, low fat cheese sticks, sliced veggies, fruits and salads (omit the dressing that usually comes in a packet with these), whole grain sandwiches, and some even have things like mini quinoa or rice meals. Mix it up so you get a good serving of veggies and protein, than a small bit of fruit or starch. Yes, there are options everywhere for healthier choices you just have to want it, and to look.

file0006688652163. Get acquainted with some restaurants in the areas you most frequent that serve healthful meals. Program their number and address into your phone. If you know you will be in their area, call and pre-order for pick up.

4. If you must hit up a drive through, go for the salads with chicken and hold off on the dressing or if you must, ask for a vinaigrette over the creamy dressings. You can also order a chicken burger with the salad, even if not ideal, and simply ask for no bun or take the chicken out and add it to your salad. The protein will help to energize and satiate you.

Life happens, even if you do plan for it. This doesn’t mean that you have to cave in to foods that will leave you feeling cranky and sluggish. There are always back up options available to help you feel and perform your best as you take on the world!


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