Are You An Entrepreneur? [Infographic]

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Are You An Entrepreneur?
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Signs You Are a Natural Born Business Leader

Follow the letters and numbers to create a decision tree/flowchart layout leading up to the four possible end points listed below.

When it comes to money, you’re a:

– Spender(A)
– Saver(B)

(A)You’re best motivated by:

– Other people assigning deadlines and projects(a)
– Your own self-motivated goals(b)

(a)Your customers are:

– Names and numbers on a spreadsheet(4)
– Individuals you strive to get acquainted with(3)

(B)You carry business cards:

– In a monogrammed case that’s with you at all times(a1)
– To business meetings and industry events(b1)
– Rarely or never…they’re buried in your desk somewhere(c1)

(a1)When you talk about your business, you:

– Push the sale as hard as you can – even at the expense of friendships and relationships(2)
– Speak enthusiastically and draw others in with your excitement and charisma(1)
– Have a hard time keeping exhaustion and frustration out of your voice(3)

(c1)When you have some down time waiting for an appointment you:

– Pull out a book or tablet and try to learn something new(2)
– Catch up on sleep you lost working late(3)
– Play games on your smartphone(4)

(b1)Your workspace is:

An absolute disaster(4) Manageable(3) Streamlined for success(2)


– (1) Natural Entrepreneur – You have all the skills you need to succeed in the world of business entrepreneurship. You’re self-motivated, understand the value of a penny as well as the value of a loyal customer, and you draw others in naturally with your enthusiasm for the task at hand.
– (2) Budding Entrepreneur – You have many of the characteristics that define a good entrepreneur, but you still have a few areas to work on. Keep up with the self-improvement and you’ll be a top business leader in no time.
– (3) Mid-Level Leader – You have some leadership skills, but you’re probably not cut out for the rigorous and demanding life of an entrepreneur. You’ll still find lots of great career opportunities for you as a leader in already-established companies, and you won’t have to worry about the financial risks that entrepreneurs face.
– (4) Best on a Team – Leadership just isn’t for everyone. If we only had leaders, business would be a very lopsided and ill-functioning world. Channel your skills into a niche that you enjoy and you’ll find you have a valuable place on the team.




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