4 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned When ‘I Fell In Front of 500 People’

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5 Replies to “4 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned When ‘I Fell In Front of 500 People’”

  1. Velithia Pendergrass

    I LOVE this so much! What a great metaphor for any journey, really. I especially relate and appreciate the narrative of #2.

  2. Kia Jarmon

    Thanks so much for posting Melissa! I have many more and am excited that you have allowed me to guest post!

  3. Jack Durish

    You have a wonderful conversational style of writing. I could easily imagine myself sitting in a lounge with you as you related this incident. Your segues to illustrate valid life lessons were right on point. Excellent posting. Oh, and you are cute. Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker. Just a 70 year old husband/father/grandfather who can still have his head turned without any licentious motivation.

    1. Melissa Stewart

      Thanks for stopping by Jack! Yes!! Kia has a wonderful writing style. Loved this post when she shared it with me and knew I had to post it on She Owns It. Kudos to my Nashville girl!

    2. Kia Jarmon

      Thanks so much Jack for the compliment. I have re-claimed my love for writing and always want it to be such a style that you could be sitting with me sipping tea as I tel my story.

      And, thanks for the other compliment! Very sweet!

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