Entrepreneurs: How to Not Get ‘Owned’ by Social Media by @thedriftingdesk

by Lisa Jordie

We all know unplugging from social media every so often is important for our sanity, but what happens if using social media is part of your job? Social media marketing was all fun and games until the platforms started being villainized. And, in some ways, rightfully so.

Many sociologists, academics and scientists are quick to point out the need to ‘unplug’ from social media to reconnect with humans, free up your time and stop contributing to the seemingly insidious nature of these tools.

Sure, unplugging may mean you miss a cute Snap of your adorable nephew wearing virtual bunny ears, but what if your job requires using social media? There’s no way to simply delete your accounts for many entrepreneurs who utilize the platforms to:

  • Find and connect with clients
  • Promote and market their brand via ads
  • Answer questions from customers
  • Countless other opportunities

In his book, Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked, author Adam Atler says of social media platforms,

“They’re distracting because they remind us of the world beyond the immediate conversation…”

So, say you agree that you’d like to spend less time on your phone and on social media, but you are still an entrepreneur who needs to use these tools for your business. Here are some sure-fire ways to not get owned by social media:

Disable App Notifications

Do you really need to get a notification that your old boss loved a picture you posted last year? Or that that dude you met once at a baseball game just checked into an airport in Missouri?

These are all notifications you can look at once you open these apps on your own time.

Since we already know these social media platforms are psychologically and strategically designed to keep reminding us that they exist, disabling app notifications goes a long way!

Remove Apps From Your Phone

If the temptation to use social media apps is still too great even without constant and real-time notifications, consider removing the apps all together.

Although you can access the apps on your computer for business-related tasks, some platforms just don’t function the same on desktops. Trying installing the apps on a tablet and using this instead of your phone.

Using a tablet for social media apps is also a great way to be able to separate business and personal accounts as well. Say goodbye to constantly logging in and out of separate accounts!

Create Separate Accounts

This. Is. Pivotal.

Switching gears quickly is part of the game if you are an entrepreneur, but it can be mentally straining to go from responding to a message with pictures the bounty of sweet Aunt Sandra’s vegetable garden to responding to message from a confused client who needs clarification on one of your business processes.

This may mean making a quirky name for your personal account and your ‘real’ name for your business account. So be it. Separating your personal and business social media accounts will also make it easier to stay organized with your business.

Set a Schedule

Instead of being available on social media all of the time, set a schedule with specific times during the day when you check in to and publish on these apps. Using a Social Media Manager tool is incredibly helpful to auto-schedule posts as well (and is a huge productivity booster).


Get out and live your life:

  • Take a painting class.
  • Hike with your dog.
  • Knit a boho-style macrame plant hanger.
  • Whatever. Just live.

Most importantly, give yourself time away not just from social media, but from your job.
This is why you’ve worked so hard. To live a fulfilling life. So go enjoy it..away from electronic devices..even if it’s in small doses.

How do you set boundaries with social media as an entrepreneur?



Lisa Jordie has been a blogger and freelance writer for hire since 2014 when she ditched her cubicle for a more flexible lifestyle. She offers work from home, blogging and freelancing tips at TheDriftingDesk.com.

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    So sick of SM, but this is what they say to utilize if your trying to drive traffic to your ecommerce store. Ugh…

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