Every love story is unique, so is a business story

by Abimbola Balogun

Recently, I watched a television program that got me mushy mushy all through, with a lot of awww…. in between, absolutely cool stuff, oh the love stories shared were quite good, engaging, fun, sweet, romantic, inspirational and beautiful. What I found particularly fascinating was that there were some stories that resonated with my love story, so similar BUT not exactly the same, they literally brought back good old memories that made me fall in love with my hubby in a special way again. This love matter sweet eh…

Anyways, back to the main gist.

Likewise, a good business story should have the same impact: It should inspire, be original and authentic enough to excite your audience (TEAM) and pull them closer to you.  Your business story should give your team a glimpse of who you are, and help you gain an emotional buy-in from them. Just listening to your story should make them feel assured that working with you will be worth their time.

I believe every business has a good story. You simply have to dig deep to find the key elements that makes yours unique and craft your mission around these elements.

You can transform your company mission statement from boring to inspiring and write it to make it attract the right talents that can build meaningfully with you.

How to write a simple but powerful mission statement

  1. Determine the main reason for starting or running your business?
  2. Let your reason be more than just making money. It should be bigger than that. It should be about a problem you will always be delighted to solve even if you are not paid for it.
  3. What would you like you and your company to be remembered for 25 years from now?
  4. What feeling would you like customers to have for doing business with you?

Then finally, complete this statement:

I want to contribute to making the world a better place by providing…

Weave all these elements together and create your secret sauce to building a company with purpose, clarity and mission. With this  mission, you can significantly increase your chances at attracting the right people to work with you for the long-term.



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