Failure Is Good For Business


by Chrysta Bairre

Since I launched my business 7 months ago I’ve failed a lot.

A little (or a lot in my case) of failure is bound to happen when starting anything new. From starting a new business to learning a new skill, failure is inevitable.

As a recovering perfectionist failure isn’t a concept that’s easy for me to accept. Logically I know failure is neither positive nor negative but failure sure feels bad.

Since I’m being objective about failure, I must acknowledge that no matter how bad it feels to fail, it’s actually a sign of progress.

So maybe failure is a good thing. At least, I can take a thing like failure and I can choose to feel bad about it, or I can use it to be better and better every day.

If you choose to make failure work for you, here’s how failure is good for business.


failure is good for business


Failure Encourages Improvement

When you fail you have the opportunity to learn from the experience and improve your process, your product, or yourself.

When I failed to fill a workshop a few months ago I decided to deliver the VIP experience to the 3 people that did attend. It was a better workshop for my failure than it would have been if I’d filled the room, and I learned to treat all my customers like VIPs.


Failure Builds Confidence

When you fail repeatedly until you succeed, you’ll build unstoppable confidence!

I’ve been through some hard times in my life- from growing up in poverty to struggling with mental illness, I’ve failed many times as I overcame significant hardships. Today I know if I can get through all that, I can do almost anything- including making this business a success!


Failure Creates Freedom

If you’ve been living your life or running your business playing by somebody else’s rules or living up to someone else’s expectations, failure will give you the freedom to be yourself.

I tried doing things the way I thought I should and it didn’t work for me. I started doing things my way, being authentically me, and I started to see progress.


Failure Crushes Procrastination

When you fail sometimes you have no choice but to do the very thing you don’t want to do. You know, that thing you’ve been procrastinating.

I knew I needed to have sales conversations to get business going but the idea of sales conversations filled me with dread. I distracted myself with various marketing activities that failed to bring in the bucks. Being broke was just the motivation I needed to stop procrastinating and start having sales conversations. (See above re: improvement.)


Failure Leads To Letting Go

If something you’re doing isn’t working, it may be time to let go because sometimes when you stop trying so hard, things start working.

After 2 months with zero income, I decided to pick up some hours doing some side work. As soon as I turned my attention elsewhere, a movement started happening in my business.

It turns out that trying too hard isn’t necessarily a good thing. Go figure.


Failure Is Progress

If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results you’ve always gotten. If you do something different or new you may fail, but at least you’re making progress.

Starting my business has been incredibly challenging, but I’m making progress. I’m creating something I believe in, and failure is proof of my progress and growth as a business owner and as a human being.

How has failure been good for your business? Comment and share your story.




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