Owning Your Personal Power in Your Life and Business

Owning Your Personal Power in Your Life and Business @beck_ruiz

Owning Your Personal Power in Your Life and Business

by Rebecca Ruiz | Featured Contributor

In life and business we aim to stand out from the crowd and be different because it’s important for us to be unique, that makes us real. This is why our customer’s and client’s choose us because of what we offer is not the same as everyone else.

What happens when you struggle with standing out and you want to fit in with the crowd? I’m here to tell you it’s a normal reaction because it’s part of human behaviour to want to have acceptance from within ourselves and people around us. If these thoughts are only for a passing moment or stay around for a short time this is ok because it’s just passing by. If you are comparing yourself all the time, with this taking over your life and business this is where we need to look within ourselves in order for us to move forward.

During my life coach training we studied the 4 pillars and my favourite was always uniqueness. I personally love being different and fitting the mould is not who I am because this makes me real. All my challenges, mistakes and personal growth are me, which means that I am being authentic. This is something I have learnt along the way which is why I am sharing my journey to help others on the personal development side of business. Let’s start to own your own power.

Stop Judging Yourself

Judgement within along with wondering what other’s are thinking about you can stop you from achieving your goals and putting yourself out there in the world. I’m going to share a story of when I chose to let go of the judgement within, when I taught myself how to public speak in front of others.

I had a terrible fear of public speaking so I created a personal development group and started presenting to them to work through this. Getting over my fear was a big hurdle but the biggest was actually letting go of my own judgement. I needed to believe in myself, trust and share my knowledge with them, as they wanted to learn. If I had stayed within myself I wouldn’t of helped all those people in my group which I am glad I moved past my own judgement.

We are often our own harshest critics and how we speak to ourselves we would never speak to others in the same way. Start getting aware of your thoughts and listen to any reoccurring patterns such as negativity. Awareness is the first step to letting go of the judgement within by using techniques such as meditation to work through your thoughts or find the best practice that works for you.

Becoming more authentic

What is becoming more authentic all about? In business we want to share our gifts and talents with the world because it makes us real. People respond well to down to earth people, sharing your celebrations and talking about your challenges. Your current audience and potential clients want to get to know the real you.

As a life coach I’m going to use an example of a couple of life coaches that I follow online. These coaches share their story, which includes their struggles, their celebrations, what it took to get a successful business going and what’s going on for them currently. I have learnt a lot from them as they are honest and tell it exactly as it is which is really refreshing. They are authentic in their message and this makes them a good leader to others.

With this example in mind I am going to set you a challenge to become more authentic in your daily life and business.

What can you do to be more authentic in your life and business right now?

Choose from this moment forward to be yourself, speak your mind, share your journey and stand out. This takes practice like set daily reminders, use meditations and write your challenges in your journal. Whichever works for you to keep you on track until it becomes a habit. True acceptance comes within by getting comfortable with being you and using this in your everyday life and business.

Owning your own power

As we have already looked at judging yourself and becoming more authentic, it’s time to have fun by owning your own power. We are all different which means that we can all make our own impact in the world. Let’s make a difference by making a pact together to start owning our own power.

It comes back to trusting yourself and having the belief that you know what’s best for you. Yes we all make mistakes but each one of these is about your personal growth and what you learn from the experience. You are amazing, powerful, unique and authentically you. Show up each day by being this person and shine your light brightly because you only get one life so enjoy every single moment.

Thank you for reading my post on owning your personal power in your life and business, I would like to set a very small challenge for you. What are 5 things you are going to start owning in your life? I would love to hear from you below.


Rebecca RuizRebecca Ruiz is a certified confidence life coach, professional copywriter, blogger, and freelance writer at Life Perceptions based in Perth Australia. She inspires women entrepreneurs through her one on one life coaching to build their self esteem along with their confidence to create more success in their life and businesses. She runs her exclusive invitation only small group program “Mentoring for Success” twice per year.

Rebecca has always being a writer since she was a child and now uses her skills as a professional copywriter. She loves making words come alive by writing web copy, SEO and sales pages that helps women entrepreneurs make more money. She combines her unique style of coaching and copywriting skills to teach women how to write their own copy with confidence. She also loves freelance writing, blogging in her favourite areas of personal development and travel for online magazines.

When Rebecca isn’t working she loves practicing yoga along with sampling gourmet food and wine with her husband.

You can find out more and connect with Rebecca on https://www.facebook.com/lifeperceptions and Twitter.

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