Four Incredible Ways can Dramatically Help Your Small Business

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by Lisa Illman is a wonderful resource for writers and publishers. You might be wondering how it can help your small business when you are not a writer or a publisher, but I assure you, it can! is a wealth of some of the most qualified experts in hundreds of different niche markets from around the world. When I started my outdoor pet enclosure business, Kritter Kommunity, I wrote several articles for Ezine. Below are the four incredible ways it helped my business and I believe can help yours too!


Improve Google Page Rank

When you write an article for (or have someone write and article for you), you are able to include a link back to a website. Linking your website via can be a good bump to your Google PR because is a GPR 6 and that is a pretty nice ranking which in turn helps yours! As long as the article stays within their guidelines, you can use a keyword that will also be beneficial to your website during Google searches.

For more information about Google Page Rankings and how they can help on line businesses, check out, “Reasons Guest Blogging will Improve Your Social Media Network”. Writing for and linking to your site is a great way to get a boost in Google’s ranking.


Traffic to Your Website

When your article is accepted and published by it not only goes onto their website which serves millions of unique visitors monthly, an email which announces every new article posted to over 100,000 permission-based members/publishers is also sent out. Each time your article is read, the reader could click on the link back to your website which will bring you more traffic.   Ezine Publishers could pick up your article to use in their email newsletters, putting your article with links, in an even larger audience!


One of main goal is to provide quality content to its readers. By approving your article, you are not only getting yourself Ezine’s seal of approval, you are given the opportunity to include a bio in their resource box. This gives you the chance to gain credibility, exposure, brand recognition and you get to add two more new links as well!

  1. Published Articles are References

Once your articles are published you can use them as references for your clients or other opportunities in your field of work. When I threw my hat in the ring to become a Feature Contributor on, I was able to provide examples of my writing with the I have written. When I send out email newsletters to my clients, I include the newest published for them to read. I not only gain credibility, the articles are acting as letters of reference for me. I have also used my published articles to provide examples to be referenced for acting as a guest speaker at various venues.

Writing articles in your field will keep you sharp and on the ball. Using a resource like will propel your efforts and put you front and center with new potential clients while continuing to impress the current ones!



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2 Replies to “Four Incredible Ways can Dramatically Help Your Small Business”

  1. Nathan Ambrose

    Thanks for that article. This is exactly what I need for getting more references. I have just looked at the website and will likely register.

    There is one thing that I want to confirm, but is not so clear. Am I right in thinking that my own article already published on my own website would not count as “original?”

    1. Clint Lenard

      You are correct, you most likely (although not always) will not get your article approved if you submit one that was already posted elsewhere.

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