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by Michele Price | Featured Contributor

Accelerating technology is responsible for a much more savvy, highly agile, and very demanding consumer space — and it’s transforming how we think about the other end of the equation: workforce.

Businesses constantly have to find new ways to communicate, meet customers on new platforms, and predict behavioral changes to prepare for the days to come. Companies of all sizes are faced with new challenges as they try to match the velocity of the demands.

Instead of the days where quick fixes — like establishing a social media presence through specialized teams — were sufficient, we’re witnessing a much more profound paradigm shift.


Entrepreneurship Is No Longer A Career Choice

As we move into the world equally created and shaped by the millennial and Z generation, the establishment of yesteryear is crumbling. Where entrepreneurship was a silo, a career on its own now transformed into a foundation for everything else.

Call it “gig economy”, “project based” workforce, or something else, the fact is that the entrepreneurial marks that once signaled difference are now the entry level qualities of most.


Bridging The Generation Gap

Any business, no matter the size, is inevitably faced with the struggle of keeping up with a younger market. As more and more of the buying power is shifted to new generations, companies have to adjust their marketing and sales channels to keep their revenue.

The exponential adoption of digital technology isn’t exclusive to the younger generations like millennials, but is much faster among them. Combined with the enormous buying power these generations possess they went from a fringe segment to a majority stakeholder in almost all markets.

To be able to speak to this new market — as opposed to speaking down to or at them — businesses need to arm themselves with people who are fluent in their language.


Power To The People

This demand from the market translates into demand from the companies for new talent. In turn, the power that used to be on the employer side shifted to the workforce, who now are able to set the terms of their own careers.

These new workers are no longer satisfied with financial stability: they also want an agile work-life balance that they control. More and more people are opting for freelancing or remote work, because all the tools are available to make it work on a practical level, and they offer more control over their own lives.


Jumping On The Inner Track

Whenever there’s a paradigm shift of any kind, there’s inevitably a reorganization of strengths and weaknesses. Startups and small businesses gain the advantage of inner track over established corporate cultures because all these values that now dominate the job market are inherent in their daily operations.

Lean, agile businesses taking full advantage of digital technology are already proven to be able to reduce costs and provide a more flexible and desirable work environment for those that can ultimately help them engage the new generations of customers.

Now these startups and young businesses, themselves having born from an entrepreneurial culture, share their values with those of their market and workforce, which puts them front and center on the cutting edge.


‘Checks And Balances’ Is No Longer Just For The Government

This new reality that we’ve just entered into in the last couple of years acts both as a purge and an equalizing force that promises to create a synchronization between demand and supply, on all levels and in all markets.

It’s the natural evolution of the market rearranging itself from chaos into harmony, and creating a common language and balance that can eliminate the disconnects between sellers and buyers.

Are You Ready for the Future of Workforce?

In the coming months we’re going to dive deep into this new environment, and investigate how the intricate relationships between market, employer, and employee demands affect, transform, and control each other. The future of workforce is upon us, get ready!


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