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How To Effectively Follow Up After Your National Tour


by Vernetta R. Freeney 

You have successfully pulled off your tour. But before you celebrate on all your hard work and months of planning you need to find out what the attendees thought.

Now it’s time to gather data and feedback to see what worked and what needs improvement. Personally I send a hand written ‘Thank You’ note to everyone involved with Fusion Tour. That one little gesture leaves a lasting impression of their experience a lot longer than any other networking event they attended.


Fusion Tour

Send a follow up email with a detailed survey about one week after the stop. Or have them fill one out right then and there. You want to gather as much information as possible before they move on to the next big thing in their business life. It also helps to get key demographics for them to add to your sponsor proposal for your next tour.

Analyze all data to see what resonated the most. This will help you make that a focal point on your next tour. Sometimes what you thought was the best thing isn’t always what the attendees see. Analyzing the data will help you see through their eyes your entire plan.

Another quick way to receive feedback is to capture video responses immediately following the event. You can use these to promote the rest of the stops on your current tour. Also keep these videos to add to your marketing plan. People want to see what you accomplished the previous tour.

Once you’ve received feedback from everyone, you want to match it according to your original plan. Sometimes we get so caught up in putting the plan into action that we leave out details that could make or break the experience for the attendees. This is why getting feedback is vital. You want to make sure your goal and purpose were fulfilled.

This is our last post in this series, “How To Create Your Own National Tour.”





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