How To Grow Your Business In Just 1 Hour A Day by @Ileanakane

Marketing Strategies. Magnifying Glass on Old Paper.

by Ileana Kane

Entrepreneurs are risk takers who must strategize in order to remain relevant and make profits in the ever dynamic and competitive business environment. They must come up with a proper plan that will see them promote sales while at same time giving themselves a chance to enjoy their private life. There are some tested, proven, and good marketing strategies that, when effectively employed, will lead to amazing results.

To begin with, it is important that you keep a record of the past leads. This entails all types of correspondence that you received in the past. You can choose to write back or communicate with the senders of the letters or mails informing them of your new venture. You will also need to explain briefly to them how the initiative that you have will be beneficial to them towards solving their challenges. By doing this, you will be increasing their awareness of your firm. Small business marketing is easy to carry out, and may include holding seminars whereby you enlighten attendants about the existence of your venture.

Secondly, good marketing strategies involve making a follow-up of your old clients. This provides a chance to understand clearly whether the products or services that you are offering were truly satisfactory. Similarly, it offers a chance for you to get referrals, hence closing sales with ease. An effective marketing strategy needs to be implemented in stages. This is because a stage is often dependent on the preceding one. Therefore, it must be approached with utmost caution. You must be able to influence and change the thinking of the targeted group. A good marketing strategy should translate to sales.

Entrepreneurs need to be visionary so as to foresee the future market trends. This calls for adoption of new measures such as sending warm and friendly letters. The letters need to explain vividly how by choosing to use a particular product, the recipient will gain. Investors must send out letters with captivating photos to trigger the desire to try out what is being marketed.

Above all, an effective marketing strategy should be easy to implement and elicit excitement rather than boredom. Similarly, it is important to make minimal use of the social media since it may be addictive while producing limited results. In some cases, it is prudent to go out in the field and interact with consumers. This will help in understanding their tastes hence come up with an elaborate plan.


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  1. Judy - Pedagogical Artist

    Ileana, I agree with you that an effective marketing strategy should be easy to implement and elicit -excitement rather than boredom.

    The problem most entrepreneurs have, particularly those starting out without marketing expertise, is not is WHAT to do, but HOW to do it. Sadly, they are not one and the same and what’s more there are so many conflicting messages out there. Many praise the wonders of social media and encourage small businesses to maximize their efforts in utilizing without, like you say, mentioning that its effectiveness in terms of generating leads can be minimal.

    Thank you for your post.
    HUGS <3

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