How To Prevent Burn-Out As An Entrepreneur @TheAlishaNicole


by Alisha Nicole | Featured Contributor 

As a business owner it is so easy to get caught up in work and our never ending to-do list that we often forget how important it is to let our minds rest. Yes, when you’re your own boss you probably are working way more hours than the average 9 to 5 but overworking yourself can lead to a major burn-out, then what good are you? After running myself rugged for years, I’ve learned a few ways business owners can put a stop to constant burn-out.

1. Learn to listen to your body. I know when burn-out is approaching when I begin to struggle to form a complete sentence. When it becomes difficult to push out even the simplest emails I know its about time that I walk away from the computer and give myself a break. Migraines and unbearable exhaustion are other signs that you probably could use some rest!

2. Create a schedule and stick to it. When I first started my business I would literally work from 9am to well after midnight with only a break for dinner. And it seemed like every other week I was feeling burned out. Now I create a schedule where I work from 9am to around 7pm and only work later if I have to meet with a late client or meet a deadline. Shutting my mind off has helped a ton and I feel a lot more productive than I did before.

3. Schedule in personal time. During my daily routine, I schedule in a little time everyday just to walk away from my computer and do something that I love. Whether it be taking a 30 minute nap, meeting a friend for lunch or just catching up on my shows, it is extremely important that you give your mind a brief rest.

4. Start using the word “NO” and meaning it. If you are a people-pleaser like me then you know how difficult it can be to turn down helping someone or saying no to attending an event. Remember your health should always come first and over booking yourself will lead to burn-out just like working tons of hours will.

5. Realize that “Oprah wasn’t built in a day”. Oprah is one of the worlds most powerful business owners. But guess what, it didn’t just happen over night. I’m 100% positive that she worked her butt off to get to where she is today but I’m also sure she gave herself breaks to recharge. We don’t always have to pile on work! Do what absolutely needs to be done and then schedule the rest accordingly.

Taking the necessary steps to prevent burn-out will not only leave your mind clear so that you are able to produce your best work but it will help you to really enjoy and appreciate what you do daily!

How do you prevent burn-out?


225x300picAlisha Nicole is a business coach for creative entrepreneurs and online shop owner. Through years of learning how to run a business through trial and error, Alisha became extremely passionate about helping other creatives turn their passion into a business. When she is not working, she is sharing her own journey, what inspires her and her best business and blogging tips through her lifestyle blog. Keep up with all things Alisha Nicole on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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2 Replies to “How To Prevent Burn-Out As An Entrepreneur @TheAlishaNicole”

  1. Judy - Pedagogical Artist

    Thanks, Alisha for the awesome reminder! Love the Oprah connection 🙂 I have a number of practices that help keep some balance,although looking from the outside in, it would seem that I work all the time.
    1. I go to the gym 4 times a week – not just for the workout. It gets me out of the house and I enjoy the girlie time.
    2. Every hour or so, I get up and do something around the house: a bit of tidying up, cooking, laundry etc.
    3. And most important, the people in my life always come first. If anyone dear to me wants my time – I put my work aside.
    HUGS <3

  2. Yura Bryant

    I definitely feel where you are coming from. This past week I have been on a full push, networking, calling, planning, emailing, following up. My girlfriend said I need to take a break but why? The thought we entrepreneurs have is that if we stop working the competition is still hard at work. We just want to keep going in order to knock at success doorsteps. I wanted to share something I wrote last year on this same topic:

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