How To Create Interesting Content Ideas That Convert

by Elaine Slatter

Marketing your business means developing lots of valuable content.  To create interesting content can be very time-consuming. There are lots of ways to create content and then repurpose the content into different formats.  You can re-engage your audience in multiple ways with a minimal amount of work.  Here are some ideas to help you.

10 Easy Ways To Create Interesting Content To Convert Fans

  1. Write posts that present a problem(s) and then offer solutions. Make it personal by using your own experience to expand on the problem or solution. Adding the personal touch helps with the “trust” factor and also brings you closer to your audience who now find you relatable.
  2. create a free e-book from your blog series that you give-away as a reward for signing up for your newsletter. If you have written a book, you can pick snippets to turn into an e-book.  The Designrr software can create your ebook in minutes with a minimum of effort.  On the flip side, you can turn your blog series into a book if the blogs follow a central theme.
  3. Start a facebook group around the subject of your business ie “Healthy Lifestyle”, “Everything Yoga”, “Biz Mastermind”, “Young Moms of xxxxx city”. You can do lots of things in your facebook group, ie advertise, hold a facebook live event, hold a facebook online party etc.
  4. Ask questions of your tribe in your blog or facebook group, because people want to have their say and know their opinions count. You can create a poll which adds variety.  If your questions result in lots of engagement, intuitively this is content people are interested in.  This can lead you into many different content directions.
  5. Take your blog content and create videos to repurpose the blog ideas. You can invite others to join you which switches up the point of view.
  6. Interview influencers in your area of business for their expertise, which will amplify you. You can find influencers on facebook, twitter and/or LinkedIn.  You will be surprised how helpful influencers can be even if you aren’t well known.
  7. Curate a weekly paper on a platform such as . The amount of work you have to do to create the fresh content and layout will be practically nil. All you will have to do is share it. All you do is plug in the topics to create the paper and the rest is done for you.
  8. Use fantastic free tools to create graphics to illustrate your content, whether it’s pictures, suggestions, infographics etc. Tools I can’t do without are Canva and PromoRepublic.  In less than 5 minutes, using pre-assembled graphics, you can visually ‘wow’ your readers.
  9. Create lists on a particular topic to help guide people through the content and make it easy to read and digest. Including outbound links for further reading makes it even more valuable.
  10. Podcasts are a great addition to videos as a marketing tool.  You can produce your own podcasts using the free version of the software, Zoom and then upload the podcasts to Soundcloud and then share the podcasts to your own blog. An easy way to create podcasts is to interview guests experts who have something to say on interesting topics that are relevant to your brand.

Do you have innovative content suggestions that could help women entrepreneurs? We would love to hear from you.



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