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video-marketing-preview187 million people in the US watched 48 billion online content videos in July 2013. The average American spent more than 22 hours watching online video. –COMSCORE, 2013

Video Marketing is all the rage. Entrepreneurs are rushing to start their own internet TV shows and there’s more “how to get rich with video” content then ever before.

If you’ve been trying to start using videos, whether for your blog, internet TV show, or even just as an opt-in, I want to  teach you the simplest way to start using videos for conversion, today.

What makes LeadPlayer different than other video players? I’m tempted to say just about everything. But I’ll put emotions aside for a moment and give the skinny on how this plugin can kick up your conversions, and if you aren’t already using video marketing, how you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes!

At it’s base, LeadPlayer is a plugin that works with WordPress to stream your YouTube videos without you using any html. Where it gets really cool is that you can add a call to action and opt- in form to your video, just by filling out a couple of text fields.

Let’s break down the steps.

There are only 3 simple tabs to manage this plugin. By default, you start on “My Videos”

1. Select “add video”

2. Fill in Title field

3. Put in Description if desired

4. Paste in full YouTube URL of your video

5. Select “Opt-In” tab and switch from default “No” to “Yes” if you desire an opt-in box.

6. To link your email campaign provider, click “Options” and then select your provider from the dropdown list.

7. Paste html code for your email list (This is the same code you’d give your developer)

8. Type in your opt-in headline and text

9. Select when during your video you want the opt-in to display

10. Save New Video

In 10 simple steps, you now have a video, with an integrated opt-in, ready to add to any page. For the finale, you want to put your video into action.

After saving your video, it will now display under “My Videos” and you will have “Embed” and “Edit” buttons. “Edit” will bring you back to the options we just reviewed.

Select “Embed” and you will get a shortcode to paste on any WordPress page or post. Don’t worry, shortcodes are simply condensed html. Only copy and pasting is required.

If you need to use the video outside of WordPress, eg. if you have a html sales page, LeadPlayer does provide the full embed code for your use.

Approximately half of marketers who use video in email campaigns see increased click-through rates, increased time spent reading the email, and increased sharing and forwarding. [Emphasis Mine] –EMARKETER, 2013

If those results sound good to you, then I challenge you to get started this week on your first video, because technology is no longer a barrier.



P.S. Are you using video currently? If so, please share what you use to market with video. Have any other questions? I’d love to hear them so please share below!

*I  am not a member of LeadPlayer’s Affiliate program. Thoughts are my own and based on my experience using the software.

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