How to get your Glow on with Summer Time Beauty by Sue Perez of @Beautyphonics

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

by Sue Perez | Featured Contributor

It’s vacation season and everyone is getting their glow on, either at the beach, by the pool, the roof, or with the use of (my personal fave) self-tanning body moisturizer.  I work mostly with celebrities and on-air talent and when they land in the makeup chair at 3:20am, one glance tells me how long they baked over the weekend.



When it comes to base makeup, in the makeup room I can custom blend a perfect match using my airbrush gun and cover anything. Most recently a tattoo over the meteorologists right shoulder. But even they ask for my opinion. They want help with specifically which makeup items and brands stay on the best to how they should wear makeup when they have a tan.


The reality is with the heat index and humidity our makeup can get a little dare I say…greasy. So I definitely always use a makeup primer especially around eyes, nose and forehead. Think of it as a barrier for your skin so your makeup lasts longer. Always use an eye shadow base first before you apply eye shadow. I like water resistant crème shadow on eyelids, especially if I plan on swimming and waterproof mascara is going to be your best friend. Just be sure to remove it all with effective cleansing products.


Here is my step-by-step sun kissed makeup application.

(Quick! Grab your makeup bag and see if you already have these items.)


  1. Hydrate your skin with your moisturizer/ eye cream. Extra points if it contains S.P.F.
  2. Apply your eye shadow base and eye shadow makeup or use cream eye shadows  since they last all day.
  3. Next use eyeliner in either a gel eyeliner or pencil, only on upper lashes. Use a lighter color on the lower.
  4. Curl your lashes; apply mascara in the formula of your choice. I use a lash primer to plump up my lashes.
  5. Eyes are done; clean up under eyes with a Q-tip, apply face makeup primer in a sheer application.
  6. Using a foundation brush apply your base, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Again think sheer when applying.
  7. Apply under eye concealer; finish off using a powder brush and a little loose translucent powder.
  8. Bronzer! So easy and natural, use it on the eyelids too, it’s even great if you prefer to skip eye shadow instead.
  9. Highlighter on top of cheekbones, eyelids, shoulders, so pretty on your tanned legs too!
  10. Lip color. Glosses are easy and lip balms too which protect with man containing S.P.F.


“Notice how I apply eye makeup first.

This is how I work in Television and it creates a clean makeup look.”


Usually when applying makeup there is eye shadow fallout. Messy powder under the eyes and can make you look tired. So wipe that stuff up first before moving on to your skin. You will look smoother and refreshed. You may not use all of these steps, but all of them make a great sun kissed makeup that stays on all day.


If you are planning on going on vacation soon to a place with palm trees

and want a makeup look that looks great when you land on the tarmac , use the link to see my video tutorial.



I don’t wear a lot of eye makeup in general but my liner and eyelashes have to be on point. I just don’t feel awake otherwise. But I never wear pressed powders. I prefer skin to have a natural glow or sheen for daytime and overall it looks younger. No one should have that heavy cakey look that settles in smile lines. Another why I use concealers only closest to the inner part of your eye where you need it most.



The great thing about makeup is how far they have come in improving formulas and textures. So many products already have S.P.F so only wear extra if you have sensitive skin or burn easily. Also search for products that have plant extracts which can be soothing. The worst thing is to get sunburn. If you do burn hydrate your skin with Aloe Vera based products and keep applying them until you start to tan.


Hamoa Beach off the coast of Hana in Maui.



Using body creams and lotions is the only way to prevent moisture loss so find one you like. I’ve even found spray lotions, oils and S.P.F products which make applying them so much easier and convenient if you’re already by the pool. Just re-apply when you come back from your swim.  Hats and sunglasses are a must have and if you do get shiny this is how to fix it.

Use a damp facial sponge. I basically wet makeup sponges and squeeze out all the water. These little guys are handy when cleaning up around the eyes or just dabbing off perspiration when I’m working on location outdoors. It absorbs sweat and won’t wipe off your makeup like tissues will.  Now if your skin is oily and everything slides off, use anti-shine primer instead of powder. A little goes a long way wherever you have shine.



But it’s summer right? So it’s O.K, carry flip flops in your bag and a mimi perfume because the point is having fun and staying cool. My go-to summer beverage  is Dirty Chai  like I got this one in Maui. It’s basically Iced Chai Tea with a shot of espresso. Coconut  or almond milk optional. Staying cool isn’t.



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