How to Read Your Customer’s Mind



Do you want to read your customer’s minds and double your sales?

Are you struggling with ways to increase your sales, attract your dream clients and ensure you’re not wasting money on your marketing efforts? Wouldn’t you love to be able to read your customer’s minds to increase your sales instantly?

These proven strategies will help you target your ideal customers by knowing exactly what they are looking for today, not yesterday or tomorrow. We’ve used these strategies with countless industries and they work. Our customers never question their marketing spend with us.

By using these sales tips I’m going to share with you, you’ll be on the way to dominating your market and the competition. We’ve made them work for our clients. And now, we’re going to share them with you.

Let’s get started.


Learn about your prospects

You can’t offer your customers a “future” solution or idea. They’re not buying unless they need it now. 

You need to get inside their head and figure out what their pain points or problems are. 

  • What keeps them up? 
  • What’s stressing them out? 
  • What problem do they need to solve that has them banging their head against a brick wall because they can’t find the solution? 
  • What answers are they desperately seeking?

When you know the answers to these problems your sales will skyrocket. Why? Because you have a solution for them.

So how do you get inside their head and find out what they are struggling with? The 5 tips I’m going to share with you will allow you to dig deep inside their minds and find out what they are struggling with. 

So how does it work? It’s simple. You just need to know the 3 keywords or search phrases around your own products. Once you know those, you follow the 5 steps I’m giving you.


5 Steps to Reading Your Customer’s Minds


Google Search Results

 This is the first place to start. When you go to Google and start typing in a search phrase Google will provide you with example phrases. In this example I typed in “where can” and Google automatically provided me with options based on what other people have been searching for. Use your keywords or phrases and Google will provide you with suggestions based on what others are looking for. This will give you invaluable insight into their thought process and help you identify the problem they are struggling with.



Answer The Public

We love Answer the Public. It’s incredibly valuable and one of the resources out there that isn’t talked enough about. It’s the closest you’ll get to reading your customer’s minds. It provides real insights into what your customers are thinking.

On the home screen type in your keywords or search phrase. For this example, I typed in “Sales Leads.”



The results came back with 35 questions, 30 prepositions, 20 comparisons, 184 alphabetical and 8 related.  It breaks it down into sections for each of those results. So the first section shows you the 35 questions being asked in relation to my search query “sales leads.”



As you can see it breaks it down into groupings. Under the “how” questions people are searching for answers to:

  • How to close sales leads?
  • How to get sales leads?
  • How to get sales leads for free?
  • How many sales leads do I need?
  • How are sales leads generated?
  • How to track sales leads in excel?
  • How to qualify sales leads?

From those questions and the others listed on the above graph, I’d be able to write a blog, a social post, my ad copy or my website copy to answer these and other questions for my customers. 

Depending on your search terms you could get hundreds of results back that gives you direct insight into what your audience is thinking, trying to solve and stressing out about.

Try variations of your keywords or search terms and see what results you get with each. You can download a copy of the report as an Excel spreadsheet which you can open with Google Docs if you don’t have Excel. This is a great way to sort the questions and keep for future reference.



Industry Forums

Check out industry forums as another way to get inside your customer’s head. Is there a theme to their questions? Do they keep asking the same question repeatedly? If so, then you can assume it’s a pain point for them. If you have the solution you’ll be able to ramp up sales providing the answer.


Facebook or LinkedIn Groups

If there are Facebook or LinkedIn groups or pages around your niche, you’ll want to be a part of them. These groups are a gold mine for getting inside your customer’s heads. On social media, they tend to be more open about the problems they are facing and the frustrations they are encountering trying to resolve the problem. 

These conversations are a great way to ensure you have the solution and gear your sales to speak directly to their pain points, using the same type of language to get their attention.

If you don’t want to spend time going through each group to find these posts you can use a tool called Social Lead Freak that will mine through all the comments and questions (Facebook only) and deliver the insights you need. 


Amazon Reviews

If you sell products that are or similar to what’s sold on Amazon, Amazon reviews are a gold mine for information. Reading through the reviews is a great way to see inside your customer’s heads and see what they want, what they need and how you can be the one to provide it to them. 

Read 1 and 2-star reviews to see what problems they’ve encountered or what they feel is missing with the product. This will tell you what problems they are having and how you can be the solution to those problems.

Go to the “Customer questions and answers” section that is located just above the reviews. See what questions their customers are asking and use that information on your sales copy.



Wrap Up

If you can solve the problems your competition isn’t using any of the above 5 tips, then all of that business is yours for the taking. 

Using these 5 tips will provide you with all the questions people are asking about your product or service and what their problem or pain point is. Once you have that information you can craft your sales to show you have the answers for them – and watch your sales soar.

Let us know how these 5 tips work for your business.



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