Repurposing: How I Started A Movement In Graduate School

Repurposing: How I Started A Movement In Graduate School by @randryiahouston

Repurposing: How I Started A Movement In Graduate School by Randryia Houston  | Featured Contributor

Such items as a lack of influence, or a lack of a budget, and no audience are not reasons for you to avoid diving in and beginning your movement. You can really create momentum if you have a straightforward vision, clearly designed along with a dash of creativity and a good strategy. When you create momentum, others will be empowered and compelled to help you take your movement to the next level. Actually people love to assist those who have a vision.

Start Before You’re Ready

At first when I began, I had a vision that reached out on a global basis, but I needed to begin with a domestic outreach in order to achieve it. I had no idea where to begin so I had to get out of my comfort zone and go for it, and build my scheme of things right from scratch. Everything I engaged in while I was in graduate School centered on the focal point of my nonprofit.

Get Creative

Since the theme was centered on Ghana, any research and papers written was centered on the history of Ghana, its culture, education, religion and traditions. In order to prove the effectiveness and to fund hands on research about Ghana, an independent study was created and the findings were converted into a research paper. In addition, the study abroad turned into a way to transport school supplies and was used as way to further the work of my nonprofit.

Build a Platform of Expertise

I did not participate in anything or write about anything that I was not able to use for the enhancement of my nonprofit. In the process of all of this, I became an authority on the educational system of Ghana and used my involvement in campus organizations, sororities and clubs to support my nonprofit with pencil donation drives and community awareness projects.

In conclusion, every woman has a movement simply get organized and carry it forward. Only you have the power to unleash your dream so excuses are no longer allowed. Make a promise to yourself that in 2015 you will unleash your movement.


Your Social Movement Mentor – Randryia Houston, LMSW from RLH Coaching & Consulting Houston, TX

Randryia HoustonAs one of the nation’s leading experts on management and leadership, Nonprofit Consultant and International Speaker, Randryia Houston is President of RLH Coaching & Consulting, a firm focusing on nonprofit strategy development for visionary woman leaders.

Houston began her start in social movements after a study abroad trip to Ghana, West Africa. Grieved by the educational disparities she witnessed for children the same age as her daughter Ryann, she was compelled to create The Pencil Project, a 501(c) 3 that has hand delivered over 200,000 pencils to primary and secondary school students in Ghana, Nicaragua and Belize.

Speaking both domestically and globally, Houston is passionate about women creating nonprofits and ministries that speak to their true purpose. She has been honored by the Women in the World Foundation as one of six Super Charities Started by College Students and was named one of the 10 most inspiring student activists. Houston’s vast list of awards and international honors include features in the African Political and Economic Strategy Center and TelAfric Television Network.

Houston is an active philanthropist through the self-named Randryia L. Houston Endowment at the University of Houston Library and a board member for Her Haven, a transitional living facility for single mothers. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker, Certified Christian Counselor, a Certified Nonprofit Professional and a licensed minister.

She resides in Houston, Texas with her 9-year-old daughter Ryann.

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  1. Mary Boyce

    “Start before you’re ready.” Great advice. Too often we try to wait for the perfect time and it never comes. Thanks for the motivation.

    1. Randryia Houston[ Post Author ]

      Exactly Mary! No excuses to remain stagnant or stuck!

  2. Kaye Caldwell

    Your drive to see others uncover their potential and fly is extremely evident. Despite your many achievements you have a gifting to relate and inspire those that are still seeking their purpose no matter their current state. Bravo on the clear and concise nuggets of wisdom and may your journey continue to bless those that so desperately need your vision and ability to lead them into greatness. In other words…love it!

    1. Randryia Houston[ Post Author ]

      I really appreciate your feedback Kaye! Thank you for taking time to read this article!

  3. Nikki

    Really great content on how to be great where you are – and then build on it! Thanks for sharing your genius.

    1. Randryia Houston[ Post Author ]

      Thank you Nikki for reading! I truly believe every woman has a movement inside of her!

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