3 Myths about Entrepreneurship by @SandraDawes

by Sandra Dawes  | Featured Contributor
3 Myths about Entrepreneurship

If you haven’t started your own business yet, and are thinking about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, congratulations! It has been quite a ride for me and some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. As you consider whether or not you’re ready to make the move to becoming your own business owner, here are 3 myths that I would like to debunk.

  1. You can do it on your ownIf you think that you can be the webmaster, social media manager, event coordinator and bookkeeper, I think you’re in for a surprise. Lots of us think we can do it on our own, some know better. There are going to be times where you need help in areas that are beyond your expertise. You won’t possibly be able to fill every role. Don’t be disappointed you can’t do it all. No one can! Save yourself the heartache and ask for help and support when needed. Don’t waste time in areas that are outside your expertise! I remember fiddling with the design of my business card for an entire weekend when I know graphic design is not my area of expertise. I finally surrendered control to the team that designed my logo and what they came up with was beyond anything I was trying to do.
  1. Doing it on your own saves moneyThink about all the time I wasted trying to design that business card. I could have been enjoying my weekend, or working on developing a program that would generate revenue. Instead, I chose to “save money” by designing the card myself. Not the best use of my time, that’s for sure! The mindset that we’re saving money by doing everything ourselves is based on scarcity thinking. If we had confidence in our ability to generate revenue, spending money paying others to do what they do best makes sense. How can you expect others to pay for your products and services if you’re not willing to pay for services you need? Spend your time doing what you do best and pay others to do the rest.
  1. Social Media presence is everythingIt can be easy to get caught up in building your social media following. I see posts all the time that offer thousands of followers or likes for a fee. When I started building my presence on Facebook back in 2010, the rules weren’t as tight, and it was easy to build a decent following. When I tried to host my first workshop in 2011, with a goal of “only” 10 participants, it was much harder than I thought to get people in the room. My friend, an event planner helping me out, suggested that I might need to start networking. I had been running my business for over a year, but had never been to a networking event! I thought having over 1000 likes on my Facebook page was enough, but I quickly learned that was not the case. You have to engage, in real life and in cyber space. Posting and promoting isn’t enough. We have to develop that know, like and trust factor!

Entrepreneurship isn’t glamourous, but it does have glamourous moments. If you’ve found an endeavour that you’re passionate about, go for it! It’s going to be a lot of work, but most of the time it won’t feel like it. Don’t become an entrepreneur just because you want to be rich, do it because what you’re going to do with that wealth is just going to add to your fulfillment. ♥

I would love to get input from fellow entrepreneurs! Anything you’d add to the list of myths?


Sandra Dawes, Founder, Life Coach, Embrace Your DestinySandra Dawes is a recovering control freak and excuse maker, as well as founder of Embrace Your Destiny, her life coaching practice. Her work involves teaching women how to stop making arguing for their limitations so that they can create the life that they want. Sandra’s inspiration to help others in this area comes from her own journey and experiences in dealing with the heartbreak of losing her father. She published her first book Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve, a story that outlines her personal journey, in November 2013.

In her down time, Sandra loves to read, do yoga and spend time with her partner Satnam and their dog Lulu. For more information on what she does, visit www.embraceyourdestiny.ca.

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