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Photo Credit: Nathan O'Nions via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Nathan O’Nions via Compfight cc

by Rakesh Malhotra

Despite of being born genetically inimitable individuals, a large number of people do not get a chance to live their lives on their own terms. They ignore the fact that they are born to be themselves and act in ways that are usually not their own. Stressful times and circumstances are able to influence how they see their own self and the environment around them.

Most people undertake their parents’ viewpoints and opinions as their own at early ages. How they see themselves in their current life, whether professionally or personally, is mostly based on others’ perspectives rather than their own.


Live your Life to the Most:

A great majority of people share a common desire to live their lives to the fullest. While some people enjoy it as a reality, the others accept it as a mere illusion.

Utilizing time to make appropriate decisions is a vital condition to lead a more purposeful life. When people are unable to do so, they feel agony and pain. This suffering can only be prevented by making right decisions about critical subjects.

Must-Made Decisions: If you want to live your life on your own terms, you should be able to make right choices. You need to have guts to make the most important decisions including what you want to study, where you want to reside, where you want to work, and how you want to earn money. Unless you know your true self, you cannot determine your desires and interests. Analyzing your inner self develops strong values and makes you self-confident. If you fail to make this analysis on time, you actually risk yourself being exposed to others’ beliefs and judgments. Therefore, it is essential to make such life-altering decisions to make the most of your life.

Action Strategy: You cannot make right decisions without having a definite execution strategy. Effective decisions always need an action strategy that defines the process of making those decisions a reality. Besides execution strategy, you need to have discipline to increase your productivity. Discipline is a key ingredient to become a much better person as it keeps you moving ahead. No matter how effective action plan you have, you are not likely to achieve anything if you lack in discipline. Furthermore, knowing the purpose of your life can take you to great heights. It takes special efforts to get past others’ opinions and explore your own ambition.


Set your Goals, Block your Restrictive Beliefs:

You can live your life on your own terms only when you are able to make your goals a reality. The process of setting your goals makes you decide how you want to progress in life. When you have a clear idea of what you want in life, you are in a better position to focus your hard work and efforts.

Additionally, you can easily identify distractions that are able to lure you away from your struggle. You should avoid such circumstances that have potential to destroy your goals. Do not let others’ opinions and verdicts ruin your abilities and motivation.
It is quite possible that you encounter some restrictive beliefs on your way to achieving your goals. It is necessary that you recognize and change such negative thoughts and do not let them demotivate you. When you try to satisfy everyone else, you actually ignore your own inner voice. In doing so, you neglect your own self and ultimately lose control of your life.


Be Your Own Hero:

You do not always need to admire others for their positive qualities. You can also have an encouraging impact on your surroundings. To live your life to the fullest, you should be able to see a hero within your own self.

You should realize the fact that heroes are not afraid to try something new. They meet and beat all sorts of challenges. You should identify that your inadequate confidence in yourself may not let you live your life on your own terms. It is your lack of self-assurance that makes you please everyone by living up to their expectations.

The process of becoming your own hero begins when you are able to take responsibility of your life. Without losing the elements of your personality, you should mold yourself as your personal hero. You can be your own hero when you feel that you need to be protected, whether personally or professionally. As a hero, you will find enough bravery and courage inside you to change your thinking style as well as circumstances.


Tips to Live your Life on your Own Terms:

If life ever gives a second chance, most people would certainly not want to live a life that is not their own. While making efforts to live their lives according to the expectations of their parents, teachers, friends, and others, they pay no heed to their inner passion. They forget the basic elements of their own happiness, interests, and needs.

  1. Live Everyday: You have only one life so you should live it in the best possible manner. Instead of trying to accomplish everything, you should live each day in an extraordinary way and make it a chain of memorable moments.
  2.  Accept Responsibility: Instead of blaming others, you should have guts to take responsibility of your life.
  3. Demonstrate Integrity: Stick to your ethical and moral principles. Use your honesty to secure your success.
  4. Show Compassion: Being a humanitarian, you can make others feel special which will give you a chance to live your life on your own terms.
  5. Strengthen your Relationships: Your behavior with your parents, teachers, and acquaintances matters a lot. You should embrace positive facets of life as it will provide you positive thinking and attitude. Consequently, you will experience positive vibes all around you.


Contributed by Rakesh Malhotra, Founder of Five Global Values and Author of “Adventures of Tornado Kid, Whirling Back Home Towards Timeless Values”.  Passionately determined to uncover the mystery of human behavior. His fascination with the influence of core values on human behavior stems from a career which has seen rise from an entry-level sales job to that of a seasoned CEO. Having worked, lived, or traveled to more than 40 countries, he has been able to study performance and human behavior across all cultures. Follow me @FiveValues

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