Lost Your Spark? Jumpstart Your Creative Juices

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by Liesha Petrovich


I’ve got nothing.

That’s what I said as I stared at a blank screen. I was supposed to be writing something brilliant and motivational. But I had nothing in my back pocket and nothing up my sleeves. My mind was a complete blank.


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Ever been faced with a deadline to come up with something brilliant? It doesn’t matter that you were amazing last week or your last project was sensational. All that matters is you lost your creative spark and have no clue how to find it.

Call it writer’s block or claim to be in a rut, but the truth is you’re simply out of fresh ideas. It happens to everyone. If your brain feels closed for business, here are a few ideas to help you relax your mind and find inspiration.


Try Something New


Have you become a creature of habit?

You get stuck in the same patterns and don’t even notice. Whether it’s eating the same meal 10 times a month or reading the same genre, you may not notice you’re life is stale and predictable. And your creativity can suffer when you become too comfortable with the status quo.

It’s time to shake things up!

In How to Awaken Your Inner Goddess, the author suggests trying new things if you want your inner goddess to return. You can take an art or dance class, try some amateur theater, join a cause or go someplace you’ve never been before. The idea is your goddess is just hiding because you’re doing the same thing over and over again. The experience of trying something new and pushing your boundaries may help you see new potentials you’ve overlooked.


Create a New Space


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Ever walk into a room and immediately feel its energy?

I once tried to write a paper in a room that had boxes and laundry stacked up to the windows. The clutter seemed to kill my inspiration. I couldn’t focus and felt overwhelmed in the space as it felt like negative energy invaded all my thoughts. But if negative energy can seep into our minds, the opposite is also true. We can create peaceful, positive spaces that inspire our imaginations. In How to Use Chakra Stones, Ella Gibbons shares how your surroundings can impact your creativity:

“Certain crystals and stones vibrate to these energies and help us facilitate a new energy outcome like balance and connection. Surrounding ourselves with the right energy at the right time can unlock our creativity and create space to see new possibilities.”

You don’t need to surround yourselves with crystals and play Enya all day (although that’s not a bad idea). Instead, take an honest look at your creative spaces and see if you can remove clutter or clear out unneeded items. Eliminate anything that feels draining and surround your area with items you love, appreciate, and make you happy. Make it a space that encourages creativity and inspires you when you walk through the door.


Quiet Your Mind


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The world is chaotic and stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to tune it out and find a semblance of peace. And it’s almost impossible to be creative when your thoughts are a jumbled, spinning mess.

Before you can say “Sure, but meditation isn’t for me”, understand there are many different types of meditation. I love guided meditations, whether in a class or just on YouTube. If guided meditation isn’t for you, try taking a walk by yourself or sitting alone in a peaceful space.

I love The Greater Good Science Center’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, where walking meditation is slow and methodical. But you don’t need to do anything special as long as you find your own Zen. It’s about letting go of outside distractions so your creativity can slowly find its way back into your life.


It’s Never Lost


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As much as I’d like to think I’m brilliant all the time, the reality is being creative is challenging. Coming up with new ideas all the time is hard and I fail half the time. Finding the right words to motivate and engage an audience is incredibly hard.

And sometimes it’s beyond challenging – it feels impossible.

Don’t despair if you’re struggling to find your creative spark as imagination and inspiration can never be lost. They may go into hiding or want to take a vacation, but they are still there. I’d love to say you can force them into existence by your will alone but that’s impossible. This isn’t a fight, but a negotiation. Take a deep breath and make a plan to reconnect with your creativity in a new way.

Who knows what is waiting to be discovered?




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