Make a Splash! by @dancinmoma

©2014 Pamela McCormick
©2014 Pamela McCormick

by Pamela McCormick | Featured Contributor

What creates a viral piece?

What inspires YOU to share, retweet, ‘pin’ or post?

For me, it’s something that hits me emotionally like ice-cold water splashing on a warm body.

Ting! When I feel that ‘splash’, that inspiration, I’m driven to react.

Imagine your own scenario: The rippling sounds of the inspiration are evident as you tread through the daily waters. You can hear the repetition of your breathing along with the movement of your arms to propel yourself forward. Some days are leisurely, some days are a sprint, but you are doing what you need to stay afloat. Then suddenly a WAVE of thought and emotion comes over you in a large, unintentional SPLASH! Then off you go!

I recently pondered this concept as I swam with my kids and stood back to watch them, so I could listen to them and perhaps even see through their eyes. What do children have that most adults don’t? Easy. Their innocent, playful spirits haven’t been knocked down yet by the world around them. They are resilient, even if there is a setback. They grab the nearest pool noodle or inner tube when they get tired. They toss splash balls to get others wet. They climb up the slide, only to slide down again and again. They dive down to retrieve things in the water. They laugh. They play. They splash. They swim. They enjoy life in its purest sense.

How do we ‘grown-ups’ find this resiliency to swim up to the top and not let the weights and burdens of worry sink us? How do we reach the people we want to reach? How do we create the emotion needed for someone to want to share that story?

Make a SPLASH!!

You know what I’m talking about. That moment when you gather the water near you and playfully push it forward to get the people and surroundings all around you…wet. Something they won’t forget and that will drive them to an emotion of some sort. Whether its angst or laughter…that simple “Splash” has made an impact.

Use YOUR Splash!

So why don’t we use this simple knowledge of the “splash” toward our brands, our jobs, books, family or whatever your “project” is right now? We may just get some extra results or connections with our customer or reader base. Use your splash. If someone is virtually sinking or drowning in their own worry, maybe just maybe we can toss out a life preserver with a large splash, which will in turn keep them afloat. Maybe it’s the kind of splash that occurs when you sit in the “splash zone” of a water show; or maybe it’s just the trickling of drops of water that are so refreshing on a hot day.

  • Would a “splash” of color make it better?
  • Can we wade through the rough waters and endure a “splash” or two?
  • Will one “splash” created a “splash back?”
  • Shall we dive deep to collect treasures and explode up with a celebratory splash?

Let’s splash around and create some waves on which to ride. Let’s drive our customers, our readers, or family and friends to an emotional and playful SPLASH!

“Get Your Splash On” and let’s jump in the water.

Are you ready?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….



Pamela McCormick, Creativity Promoter/Inspiration Generator

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.00.22 AMPam is a creative consultant, writer, editor and dance teacher/choreographer. In addition to the joys of being a Mom of three,  ages 14, 10, and 3, she has first-hand experience in the business of family and the opportunities of working women, as well as more than 10 years as a business executive in product development/creative coordination.

Pam, a Communications/Journalism graduate of Michigan State University, is also Managing Member and Creative Director of Creative Digital Ink, LLC, a Traverse City, Michigan-based consultancy. Creative development, copywriting, editing, marketing, photo shoot/project management and sales presentation speaking skills are all in her “dance bag” of tricks. With her varied background of business, leadership, motherhood and teaching, she has learned to “leap” through it all.

Pam is dedicated to social media and still encourages her inner child to jump for joy in the many “shoes” she wears. Working with adults and students of all ages, she understands well the transformative power of relationships, the impressive value of networking and how a simple hello can change your world. Pam is an eternal optimist determined to help you transform the chaos of your daily life into an enthusiastic “DANCE.” Pam’s inspirational blog can be viewed at

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