Maybe It Is Time to Revamp Your Operations


Maybe it’s time to revamp your business operations. Why?

If your business is struggling to be competitive using digital marketing, or you are not able to retain customers because of poor quality, it could be your business operations are not updated.

Every business should take time each year to enhance, change, or do away with obsolete, inefficient, and worthless processes hindering the profitability of the business.

Operations Leads the Way

Business operations management teams need to be able to assist their marketing team is rapidly moving from an old 1990 attitude of “Set-it and forget-it” traditional marketing strategies to developing a more flexible video-centric digital marketing plan.  Video Marketing is a must to survive in today’s market.

Digital marketing has finally taken center stage for every business in every industry.  If a business does not have at least a Profile Video they will be quickly left behind by their competitors who have taken digital marketing seriously.

    • A vast majority of individuals, 89%, claim that their decision to purchase a product or service has been influenced by watching a video.
    • Similarly, 79% of people state that watching a video has convinced them to buy software or apps.

This means, that not only does video help people engage with your brand and learn more about your offerings, but it also convinces them to purchase your products.

Stronger Operations

If there is s downside to increased sales it is they increase the pressure on the business’ operations team.  If the operations team is not on board with the marketing team in developing the overall digital marketing strategy they are more than likely not going to be able to handle the increase in production needed to keep up with the added sales.

This means problem-solving skills will be in high demand, especially among the people who make up the operations management team.  If the company does not have an operations director experienced in solving problems as fast as they come up then the company will be at risk of not meeting their consumer’s expectations.  This could be where a business needs to revamp to compete.

Quality Demand Increases

Quality demands put even more pressure on the operations team.  Most of the quality issues businesses experience will be caused by poor quality issues.  Most of the time poor quality is a result of inadequate human resources.

To maintain the high-quality consumer demand the company will need to have an adequate dedicated workforce free from having to cover too many non-operations work functions.  Nothing worse than having to pull in your operations team to perform sales duties leaving the operations of the business at risk.

The quality control measures a company represents are developed and implemented by the operations team.   The operations management team develops and produces all the company’s services and products that are delivered.

If your business has to operate without an operations team, it is definitely time you revamp your business operations.

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