Online vs. Traditional Education: Which is Right for You? by @DrRKayGreen

by Dr. R. Kay Green | Featured Contributor

The world of education has changed tremendously in the past few decades. And those changes are due, at least in a large part, to technology. Technology has changed the way that students research essays, buy their textbooks, and manage their grades. And in some cases, it changes the way they take classes altogether.

Online classes are a wonderful option for some students. But not everyone can or should use them as a replacement for traditional classes. Both kinds of learning environments have pros and cons that make them more suitable for some than for others.

One kind of classroom environment is not inherently better than the other. Both class types have specific benefits and challenges that need to be taken into account, and any student should do their research before deciding on which kind of class they want to pursue.

Traditional education is something that most people are probably very familiar with. It offers a structure and a routine, which can be very useful for some minds. It also offers a sense of community, and you are able to get to know your classmates on a personal basis. Traditional classes can be wonderful marketing opportunities for people who are hoping to get that out of them.

However, traditional classes are not ideal for those entrepreneurs who need flexible schedules in order to manage clients. Parents or people who are working full-time jobs may run into similar problems. Traditional classes are often rather expensive, as well.

If you are considering traditional classes, take into account your schedule. Can you afford the time it takes to drive to classes? Do you learn better in a more collaborative setting? Are you hoping to use this class as a chance to meet others in your field?

By contrast, online courses can sometimes cost less, plus reduce the cost of transportation. Furthermore, they allow for a more flexible schedule. Students who learn better at their own pace my find the structure of online classes freeing. More independent minds will probably work much better in the comfort of their own homes.

That said, online classes do rely on technology, which can fail. If you do not have access to a reliable computer or internet, online classes are probably not the most appropriate choice for you. There is also more room for communication error when communication is not done face to face.

How often do you communicate online? If you are used to this setting, these challenges might be less daunting to you. If you have a schedule that needs to be flexible, you will probably do better in an online setting than you would in a traditional one.

Deciding between traditional and online education is an incredibly personal choice. You need to take into account which environment is best for you, which one fits best into your schedule, and which one aligns with your goals.

It is also worth noting that what might work for you in some subjects might not work for you in others. You may find certain classes are easier online, where you can take your time with the lessons and assignments. Similarly, some might be better suited to a traditional learning environment, where you can ask your teacher questions and interact with your peers in real time. If your schedule allows it, having a healthy mix of online and traditional classes may be the best option for you.

Ultimately, however, you should make your decision based on how you learn the best, and what will help you get the most out of your education.


Dr. R. Kay Green – Marketing Expert from RKG Marketing Solutions Inc. from Atlanta, GA.

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