Raising a Business, Raising Kids: Tips for Single Entrepreneur Moms

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Women working up the top of the corporate ladder often have to navigate emotional complexities and other challenges. Your waking hours are dictated to keep pace with your kid’s homework and extracurricular activities to manage your business and workforce. 

You try to establish all the rules and practices, but ensuring work-life balance, family commitments, and taking personal time is always a big struggle. All the scheduling, traveling, and planning are physically and emotionally taxing.

In this guide, we’ll explore simple tips and strategies to help you smoothly manage this journey with confidence and grace.

5 Tips to Raise Your Kids and Business

According to WBENC, women-owned businesses make up 39.1% of all businesses. The journey has been long, but one that is based on the pursuit of a remarkable work-life balance. 

Apart from the family and work challenges, mompreneurs also have to break the stereotypes and the social pressures that can weigh them down.

Here are the 5 Tips to Ace as a Mompreneur 

1. Master Multitasking

Modern-day digital tech provides all the avenues for kids to go off track. This is also true for your employees. Without proper checks, there is no way to determine their screen time, how they use social media, the things they search online, and the people they interact with. 

This is dangerous for both your kids and your employees alike. 

As a mompreneur, you already have a lot on your plate with two full-time jobs to manage daily. You can ill afford to get pinned down and resolve the undesirable activities of your kids and also your employees. Fortunately, a monitoring solution like XNSPY can take care of your worries. 

You can use it to manage your kids and business simultaneously. It helps build effective workflows for the home and the office. You can track your kids’ social media interactions remotely. The app not only logs calls but also all the messages through texts and messaging apps. You can access the content, monitor the exchanged multimedia, and see contact details. 

Similarly, with so many unmonitored devices at work, anything can go wrong. Employees could fake work and play games, use social media, or surf the internet. In addition, the company’s confidential data could be leaked to some rivals in seconds.   

With XNSPY, you can know exactly how much time is spent on work and how much is unproductive. You can also keep office data safe by monitoring emails, calls, and messages. The keylogger feature will detect if any employee tries to reach an outsider and trade information. 

2. Build a Support System

Self-driven women often think they can weather all the storms, but this is not always true. You must build a support system that ensures the right people surround you in times of need. 

Let us see how you can achieve it.

  • Think about joining a local fitness club or workout group. It can improve your physical being and give you the opportunity to interact with others. 
  • Review your family relationships and social circle, then pick out the people you can trust the most with honest advice.
  • Have a notion that you can reach out for help when you need it and also accept the help given to you
  • You can try new activities alone or in groups and look for people who have a positive influence on you. Online communities help connect individuals who are going through similar experiences.

Research suggests that often keeping things to oneself can lead to mental problems, which can be tough to fight alone. You might even develop a feeling of avoiding social interactions and being cared for by others. It is good to have a personal space, but you may suffer in silence, which can increase anxiety and depression.

Conversely, your family and friends can help you come out of your shell and present a fresh outlook on a situation that you seem to have overlooked all along. 

In introspection, you will see that, at certain points in your life, you have relied on different people for different things. 

Everyone goes through bleak times and vulnerable moments, but love and support from those close to you will help you see the other side. 

3. Apply Transferrable Business Skills

All parents want to see their kids grow and be successful regardless of the profession or passion they may choose. Like other parents, you wish your children to follow in the same footsteps as you and even go beyond what you have achieved. This novel idea only works if you efficiently transfer your skills and experience to them.   

You are a mompreneur so you have the winning mindset, you only need to transfer it to your kids. 

Here is how:

  • You are independent and responsible, and you know how to communicate and get things done. Your children can imitate you and find the same confidence when interacting with other people.
  • How you efficiently manage time between work and family teaches children the importance of multitasking and time management at an early age.
  • Make them accept failure and learn from their mistakes. Normalizing failure is a valuable skill for a business owner
  • Encourage the kids’ creative and outrageous thoughts. As you do with your employees, encouraging ideas can lead to great outcomes. They will grow to think differently from the crowd and drive toward their potential goals.
  • Kids easily lose focus and have a shorter attention span. Teach them self-discipline, as success in business only comes after long hours of relentless hard work. 
  • Teach them the importance of money, as no one knows the value of money more than entrepreneurs. Let them spend money, and then allow them to track what they have spent against what they are left with. 

A sense of purpose, faith, belief, and satisfaction is something that comes naturally to kids of a single successful mompreneur. You only need to identify the spark and ignite it with the right amount of fuel. By learning the intricacies of managing a business, kids in the future can even carve out their own niche. 

4. Find Activities Outside of Work and Kids

Mompreneurs must constantly balance the demands of running a business and meeting the needs of their families. This can easily lead to self-neglect and burnout. 

Often, you find yourself lost amidst the grind of work and family with little or no time for yourself. 

Practicing this routine does allow you to manage your time and tasks effectively. However, in the long run, this can have significant impacts on your physical and mental well-being

Reflecting on what you want to achieve in your personal life will help you create a roadmap for how you want to spend your time. This may even allow you to schedule time for self-care.  

Make time for things you are passionate about.

These can include:

  • Reading

There is no better way to relax than reading. It helps you unwind, connect with new ideas and stories, and relate them to the world around you. Some books to read are Women Evolve, The Power of Habit, Atomic Habits, Boss Mom, and Big Magic. You can even read success stories of women entrepreneurs. 

  • Meditation

A hectic routine can overwhelm you with workloads. Meditation and yoga, in particular, help to reduce anxiety and stress considerably. It can make you feel calm and composed even in stressful situations. 

  • Journaling

The best way to keep track of your progress as a mom and business owner is by journaling. You can process your thoughts emotions, and even set new goals.

  •  Hobbies

You may have a long-lost hobby that you may not practice anymore. It could be playing musical instruments, dancing, painting, sketching, gardening, photography, or even fostering cats and kittens. These activities can instill feelings of self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction. 

All these activities may sound improbable when you consider them, but you need to make them happen. The key is to pick one or multiple things that genuinely make you happy and excited. 

5. Communicate With Your Kids

If you have been doing business for any length of time, then it is evident that you know how to communicate. 

Running a business mostly involves professionals, so it is easy for you to make yourself understood the first time. However, communication with kids is a whole lot different and challenging. Depending on the age of the kids, you have to reinforce yourself a number of times. 

The tween and teen years are the phases where moms need to be involved with the kids the most. Due to work, kids know you are not there to hover around them like other moms. This gives children the luxury of going about their lives with much freedom. 

However, curiosity can often get the better, and they find themselves in uncomfortable situations. For example, excessive use of social media and screen time can make kids vulnerable to cyberbullying and exploitation. The problem arises when kids hide their misdemeanors and even instances of online abuse. Often, lack of communication can easily make the kids feel less loved, and feelings of mistrust and misunderstanding easily creep in. 

If teens know that their moms are aware of their lives, then it makes them feel more loved and cared for. However, you may have to take a page out of your communication skills to make it happen. Long lectures often make the kids easily lose focus.

Involving the kids in open discussion lets them know that their choices and arguments are also valued. It can also teach the kids valuable lessons of responsibility and reduce their concerns. 

Meaningful interaction is only possible if you actively listen to the kids and answer their questions as best you can. 

Good communication with kids often leads to a feeling of worth, cooperation, and a strong relationship. Use kind words, encourage the kids, and even accept their mistakes. 


Mompreneurs have gathered global recognition and inspired countless other women to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. However, success relies on a balanced fusion of motherhood and entrepreneurial skills. 

As a mompreneur, you continually struggle to manage the elaborate demands of running your business and tend to the needs of growing kids. The transition from one role to another is complex and challenging. 

You can drive through with unwavering spirit, determination, and innovation. However, you need a robust tool to multitask and a strong support system to soldier on. Practicing self-care is equally important to relish the joys of motherhood and achieve entrepreneurial ambitions. 

Sarah Jones is a US-based writer focusing on business startups and employee surveillance. With her expertise, she offers valuable insights and practical advice to empower entrepreneurs in building successful ventures. Through her work, she addresses the complexities of employee surveillance, ensuring a balanced and ethical approach in the workplace.

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