5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Instagram To Grow Your Brand By @TheAlishaNicole


by Alisha Nicole | Featured Contributor

I am someone who spends a ton of time using and learning the ends and outs of social media. Not just because it is border line addictive and an amazing way to connect with your target market but because it’s a FREE marketing tool! Over the past year of testing the social media waters trying to figure out what platform works best for my brand, I have completely fallen in love with using Instagram to grow my business. Although the app has yet to incorporate click-able links in the comment section it can still be used as one of the many faces of your business! Here are a few reasons why your company NEEDS to be apart of the Instagram community.

1. The world is becoming very visual. Its sad to say but many people, especially our younger generation, are not taking the time out to read. Instagram allows you to get your point across to your target market using unique visuals and little to no words.

2. Its a great place to build your brands community. Instagram uses these little things called hashtags, which I’m sure you all have heard of. By searching through hashtags that relate to your brand, it gives you a chance to connect with your target audience and more importantly see what they are currently needing and how you can possibly help them. Instagram is often my go-to source for my target audience research! You can even create your own hashtag to use so your followers can follow you or use when using your products!

3. You can show your services or products in action. The only downfall to having an online shop or service is that potential customers only have a couple pictures to go by. With Instagram you can show your followers how your customers are out wearing your products or using your services. In my opinion, when customers see others using what you have to offer it makes them wan’t to buy as well!

4. It lets your followers know the person behind the brand. Giving your customers a peek into your personal life or behind the scenes photos of your business builds trust! Customers feel more comfortable buying from someone that they feel like they know rather than a logo. On my Instagram account I try to keep an even balance of personal posts, inspiration and business.

5. Its FREE! Marketing your business can become pricey so why not take advantage of all of the free services that are available? Instagram has no limit to how many times you post and offers no pricey upgrades for more features.

Here are a few of my favorite brands that I feel do an amazing job at building a community on Instagram!

Alex Beadon

The Every Girl

Shop Bando

Furbish Studio

Is your business apart of Instagram? If so how do you use it to build your community?


0726-15Alisha Nicole is an online shop owner and business coach for creative entrepreneurs. When she is not creating new pieces for her shop or helping creatives turn their passion into a profitable business, she is updating her lifestyle blog where she shares her journey as a small business owner, what inspires her and her best business and blogging tips!

Connect with Alisha through her website and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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3 Replies to “5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Instagram To Grow Your Brand By @TheAlishaNicole”

  1. Judy - Pedagogical Artist

    Okay, Alisha, you have whet my appetite and I may even get the nerve to check Instagram out. Like much of Social Media, you don’t really know what it’s about until you actually try it.

    My problem is not so much with the WHAT to do, but HOW to do. When you are familiar with something, the HOW seems obvious. But when you are clueless (like myself …) even the little things can drive you crazy.

    Any help? I have, perhaps, an idea for you. If you are interested – contact me: judy@cutthecrapsolutions.com

    THANKS for the inspiration.
    HUGS <3

  2. Irene (Lists-of-Lists)

    Hello Alisha,

    Loved this post, thank you!

    I’m new to Instagram and only started using it after getting my first smartphone at the end of last year.

    The tips you share are all great. And after having observed you on Instagram, I can tell you are really sharing your experience, which is awesome.

    Statigram is definitely a great recommendation!

  3. Siobhan-BeFree Project

    Great post! It’s funny how I keep bumping into you online. LOL! Instagram is my favorite social media outlet as it relates to growing my business. I’ve seen great results as soon as I got intentional about my online presence and building my brand. Your tips are right on point. 🙂

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