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Warning: Remember to Schedule Recovery Time After a Launch by @smartstep

how to not burnoutby Andrea Travillian | Featured Contributor 

When you are an entrepreneur it can be very easy to work too many hours and never give yourself time to relax and unwind.

This is especially true if you are in the middle of a big product launch, promotion or event.

We spend endless hours preparing for the big event, but don’t ever plan for our mental and physical recovery time.

I know from my years of event planning if you don’t plan your downtime you can quickly become sick and burnt out.  Ultimately impacting your ability to successfully run your business.

This is especially true if you are doing a product launch and have ongoing needs of the product after you sell it.   You get so focused on the launch that you forget that you have to maintain the schedule as the class continues after the sale.

Here are some tips to help you plan and recover from any business launch or event. (These can even be applied to any big life events such as weddings!)

Plan a Time Out

If you don’t add it to your schedule it will not happen. This is true for anything, but especially downtime.  Look ahead at your schedule and try and build in a minimum of half a day after a big event, if you can manage a full day even better!

After any wedding I coordinated I also planned absolutely nothing the next day.   With a class launch it is not always possible to get a full day, so you could try something such as an extra two hours a day off for a week.   Hire a VA to help with some more items than normal during that time.

Side tip:  this is something I will do during the crazy times of the year like the holidays.  It can be hard to run your business, your life and the holidays – so take  a day each month during November and December!

Anticipate the After

As I mentioned there is always something to do after. There is not a clean cut from any major business promotion or event.

With weddings there was always items left behind, small details to finish up with the photographer, gifts to get to the right place and more! With a product launch, there are classes to teach, payment issues to manage, refunds and more.  Running a conference?  You need to do satisfaction surveys, get video produced and loaded for the virtual tickets and more!

If you do not allow time in your schedule for this you will quickly overbook yourself.   You will plan your time like before the launch not anticipating the extra tasks.  Yet just like you planned time to run the launch or the event, you need to plan time to finish your event or launch!

Maintain Your Stress Levels During Launch

This one is actually something you do before your launch or event – don’t overwork yourself in the first place!

It is all too easy as an entrepreneur to convince yourself you can always relax later. Unfortunately we tend to always have another project on the horizon. Therefore your continual self-care is crucial!

Don’t skip your workout, remember to eat healthy and always have built in stress reducers. If you don’t burn yourself out you don’t have to recharge!  So make sure you take that time for a massage!

With a little planning you can have big events and launches and still stay recharged and ready for the next big push!

I would love to hear how you manage recovery time after a big company push?


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