Recovering Overachiever Confession #4: I Still Love To-Do Lists. by @McDermott_Chime

From the series: Confessions of a Recovering Overachiever by Cortney McDermott, Chime

Okay – I just can’t let go of this one . . . not entirely, anyway.

There’s something about the instant gratification of checking off or, even better, drawing a thick line through a TO-DO.

to do listEspecially if the crossed-off list is super long.

But one day my husband Luca said, “Imagine putting all your ambitious plans (all those long lists) into a grid. (This part was easy for me, because that’s how I plan long-term.) “Then make the grid bigger; just spread it out. All the same squares will be there, but with more space.”

Now, my husband is a building engineer, so generally speaking he sees things much more linearly than I do. But he had a point. Basically he was saying: Spread out the list; you don’t have to do it all at once.

I decided to take his advice. My daily list is now limited to what must get done that day, not the 5 gazillion things I’d like to get done.

Choosing only 2 or 3 priorities (“must-get-dones”) for the day has a number of benefits:

1. Fulfillment – By dedicating my time only to what I know I can get done that day, I feel less overwhelmed and more productive. When I’ve completed my must-get-dones, I am able to call it a day without feeling guilty. Or I can confidently move on to other projects, if I’m up for it.

2. Presence – I am able to be fully present with the tasks I’ve set for myself, to really FOCUS. This applies also to my time with others. I used to be on a call with someone and be thinking about all the other things I needed to be doing. By being more strategic about my daily list, I now have the peace of mind to fully connect with others.

3. Flow – No matter what else crops up during the day (inspiration or disturbance), I can flow through it with ease, knowing that my TO-DOs are doable . . . or done!

Shoot – another list. Well, I guess some things just aren’t worth getting over completely.

If you’re a fellow list-lover, please chime in below with tips about how you manage your TO-DOs.


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