Own Your Bold and Increase Your Bottom Line by @AnnaLongStokes

by Anna Long-Stokes

When I launched my first business over 5 years ago it blended into a sea of other health and wellness businesses in Portland, OR. Everything from my business name to my business cards screamed “Hey! I’m just ANOTHER wellness business doing what all the other wellness businesses are doing!”.

When I look back I’m able to see that while I was good at what I did (energywork and skincare), I had yet to find my voice and really “own” what made me stand out. I had NO experience running a business and I wanted to “seem professional”. What actually ended up happening is that me and my business seemed bland. So while no one was judging me for standing out (my greatest fear), most people weren’t taking mention of me at all.

Because I like to learn things the hard/long way, it took me many years to figure out what was missing.

Here are 3 things I wish someone would have pulled me aside and told me:

  1. You have a unique voice…use it! Even though I was new to biz, I wasn’t new to life. I had opinions, preferences, and ideas. Once I learned to showcase these in my writing and my marketing I started to attract some really cool clients.
  2. Your ideal clients will be attracted to you and who cares about the others. I used to be so scarred of offending people or turning prospective clients “off”. I didn’t realize that biz was just like life. Some people would like me and others wouldn’t…and that’s okay! I got to spend time with clients I enjoyed. And the rest? Well who needs them anyway!
  3. Take what your really love doing and what you are really good at and PLAY IT UP! When I first launched my skincare biz I wanted to be everything to everyone. But in reality, my specialty was providing people with a customized organic facial that would leave them looking and feeling way better than when they had come in (thank you very much energywork!). When I began to highlight the unique way I worked with clients, I got more of them (and more money in the bank!)

You have a unique voice, a unique way in which you do what you do, and a core group of people who would love the opportunity to work with you!

So whether you’re brand new to business or you have been doing this awhile, remember to “own it”! And the rest (including profits) will follow.


Anna Long-Stokes

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.25.04 AMAnna is an Intuitive Business Strategist who helps small businesses Build, Electrify and Rule their Empires. To read more of her musings check out her blog at www.electric-empire.com

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