Revealing Truths Introvert #Entrepreneurs Need to Know by @patweber

by Patricia Weber | Featured Contributor 

No personality type – introvert, extrovert, ambivert – has an exclusive hold on being an entrepreneur. Or for that matter no personality preference is likely whether a small business owner or self-employed.

We all have strengths, challenges and fears that work together to make us successful.

A concise article will help you determine the difference between the business titles, in case you asked yourself, “Am I more an entrepreneur or small business owner?”

My thinking, being both types of business at different times in my life, is that there are:

Revealing Truths Introvert #Entrepreneurs Need to Know


Include the misfit in you

If you agree a misfit is a person who cannot fit into or easily adjust to social situations as typically thought of then, BINGO, you might picture a more introverted person.

The possibility of being a “social misfit” as one of the reasons to become an entrepreneur is an idea Philip A. Wickham proposed in his book Strategic Entrepreneurship.

Not feeling like you fit in could be a reason you are more of an entrepreneur, small business owner or self-employed.

Certainly we could all agree there are some personal factors that contribute to both wanting to be and succeeding as an entrepreneur.

But what are those factors?

Studies don’t lean one way or another of which personality type is a better entrepreneur or small business owner. More likely of more telling signals is in knowing the motivation of women to pursue being some way, self-employed.

If the reasons include the desire for independence, the need to achieve, and job satisfaction, then business as an entrepreneur (or small business owner or self-employed) is less likely to have personality preferences.

Focus more than everentrepreneurial-focus

People often call me entrepreneurial. I’m often changing my business or have more than one business at a time. The first time juggling two businesses was out of necessity for me: when launching my corporate training business it happened that my husband and I launched a karaoke business.

Yes, even introverts like to have fun for any naysayers reading this.

In each business, there was a plan albeit not always written, and focus, like a niche, value or vision. We could always clearly communicate to our customers what we could do for them after listening to what kind of help they wanted.

Once you get into business as a creative and entrepreneurial type, you realize focus will keep your mind clutter free, raise your energy and be more effective in growing your business.

introvert-risksMeasured risks 

Don’t let someone talk you into believing introverts don’t take risks.

We happen to take more calculated risks. Calculated or measured risks allow us to examine a business venture from as many sides as possible with the opportunities or lack of them.

We may not jump so quickly on to a specific track because we want to research, think things through, and reflect.

Often we also benefit in asking experts we respect to help wrap up the big picture.

Early on as a business coach I attracted a serial, more of an extroverted entrepreneur. They were juggling two businesses at the time and considering another undertaking. The way they juggled one business worked because it was only them, without employees. They were the self-leader and in a solo-venture, things worked.

Their other business had about 15 or more employees. It did not serve them to use the same kind of personal leadership style in this business.

They never considered the risk of not delegating, and micro-managing. The direct financial risks of hiring new key employees each time these behaviors turned key employee sour enough to leave.

As someone more introverted it’s natural to bring in a desire to examine troubles like these. Use observation and reflection sooner, not later.

Consider what kinds of risky actions and behaviors we might bring to our company and take steps to course-correct them.

These are just a few Revealing Truths Introvert #Entrepreneurs Need to Know to kick-start your thinking about confidence in your ability to succeed.

What do you need to know that you already do well to continue doing? 

What do you need to know that you might want to course-correct?

There are 3 places to learn more about more ways you can get your introvert confidence boosted, or help the quiet one you know. Whether you prefer reading a book, video learning or text/chat coaching you’ll find your way at:


Patricia WeberPatricia Weber: I understand the possible difficulty of being an introvert in business and am on a mission to build the confidence of those more introverted, with a variety of practical tools to navigate communications work and life.

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If you are fed up with the often, uncomfortable extrovert rules, or tired of being tired, be ready to be inspired.

I am NOT shy. Many introverts are not either.

My work is not my life. I have other interests, in the past: had my own Harley Davidson (FX model no longer manufactured) until I slid horizontally a few times!

That’s why now; I go along with my husband in our safer car hobby.

Also, we enjoy traveling. We go from one coast to another to have the joy of seeing my son and his family including two granddaughters. On occasion, it’s off to Europe.

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