The Secret to Creating Raving Fans for Your Business

The Secret to Creating Raving Fans for Your Business by @SigSuccessful

The Secret to Creating Raving Fans for Your Business

by Kristi Brown | Featured Contributor

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I am obsessed with finding the stores, restaurants, and services that leave you actually wanting to come back again.

One of my favorite places to experience this is a Mercedes dealership in Atlanta, Georgia.

The moment you walk into to their stunning showroom, you experience quiet, peace, and beauty. Yes, at a car dealership!

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz car dealership, Atlanta, GA.

As soon as you enter, you are promptly greeted by a doorman who politely welcomes you and ushers you inside. (Not a pushy sales guy, a doorman!)

You have unmistakably entered ‘The World of Mercedes-Benz.’

Instantly, you can smell the delicious chocolate chip cookies that they serve warm to all the guests that come into the dealership. (And they call their customers GUESTS!)

Next, you take in the sight of the stunning floral arrangements that have been selected based upon the season: lanky lilies in the winter, bright cherry blossoms in the spring, and plush hydrangeas in the summer.

And then, of course, the gorgeous display of high-end cars.

I would often find myself going into this dealership just for the experience of it.

Now, also important to note, when I was visiting this dealership, I did not own, nor could I have bought, a Mercedes. I came here for service on my vehicle (which at the time was a 1981 Toyota Corolla, so a far cry from a Mercedes!) But I was still treated like an honored “guest.”

Kate Spade
Kate Spade handbag,

Another great brand, Kate Spade, boasts that they repeatedly (measured monthly) have 100% resolution of customer complaints with email!

Now that takes some serious skill and care for your customers!

What is the result of that kind of experience or service?

“I am a happy customer.”

Well, I gladly pay, time and time again, for a piece of that experience. Because of the service and treatment I received at that Mercedes-Benz dealership, I have helped sell countless cars from that dealership to friends that were in the market for a Mercedes.

And I will be honest and tell you I have built up quite an arsenal of Kate Spade bags, wallets, shoes, planners, and accessories. The quality is amazing, but it’s the peace of mind in doing business with the Kate Spade brand that draws me back time and again.

Often, I will recommend a Kate Spade product when someone mentions they are looking for an item that is part of their offerings. I am a happy customer. I believe in, and have experienced, their amazing service. Because of that, I happily tell others about them, their products, and my experience.

So let me ask you this…

As a business owner, How could YOU be creating more memorable experiences for your clients or customers?

Experiences are what create IMPACT.

Impact creates RAVING fans. 

Raving fans create INFLUENCE.

We all want to be able to create more of an impact for our customers in our marketplace. We all dream of having ravings fans.

So the question is:

What are you doing to create the same kind of experience for your customers?

Here’s the truth… NOTHING has made more of an impact to my business than creating experiences for my clients.

If your business is mainly online, then you may struggle with how to do this, but there are ways. Get creative!

Place an importance on streamlining your systems. Review your marketing channels because combining your systems and your marketing can create an unforgettable customer experience.


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