Secure more stages in 2020 with these 3 Tips by @KerryHeaps

by Kerry Heaps  | Featured Contributor

If you want to secure more speaking engagements this year, make sure that you are not only providing great content that solves a problem, ensure that you are helping the meeting planner make the event as successful as possible. These three tips can be implemented with very little effort and will go a long way in your favor.

  1. Help fill the room. One way you can help the meeting planner fill the room for the workshop or keynote that you are speaking at is to create a video under one minute, share a tip that you will be teaching. Make sure this is something that highlights one of the issues or concerns the attendees are facing in their industry.  If you are speaking at a workshop for at a human resource show, you may want to share it tip to help attendees recruits the best talent.  The video does not need to be fancy, it can be shot from your cell phone or laptop, it’s the quality of the advice that you’re offering not the background or fancy music.

  1. Have a conversation with the audience. Make sure during the event that you are having a conversation with the audience, talk with them not at them. Show up 10 minutes early and meet and greet people as they fill the room, you can always ask them why they signed up for your workshop or keynote and make them feel welcome. It is much better to be approachable as a Speaker those tend to get better feedback.
  1. Create audience retention with video. Audience retention is something every meeting planner is facing these days. With so much packed into a two or three-day conference, sometimes it’s information overload for the Attendees. When they return to work most of what they learn goes to the side and is never picked up again. Create another video that can be shared a month or two after the event as a refresher. If you don’t want to create another video, you can create online quizzes, a review sheet or even an audio clip.


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