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Setting up FB pageby Manon Leroux | Featured Contributor

By now most businesses are aware that it is hugely beneficial to their business to maintain a Facebook presence, regardless of all the changes and controversy from Facebook, they are still great benefits to have a business page.

But just knowing that isn’t enough to make your Facebook page a success.

Many businesses falsely believe that flocks and hoards of people will be banging down the door to “like” their page, just as soon as it’s set up and frankly that just isn’t the case.

Making your Facebook page a success will require a commitment from you and following a few best practices will certainly help.

1. Make it Sexy

There is no reason why anyone should have an ugly design in this day and age of accessible affordable design. If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team that you can turn to, find a local freelancer and have them create some custom graphics for you. It will make a world of difference.

2. Have a Plan

Once you have the page set up, you need to be clear about what it’s for and what you will do with it. Create a content plan and decide what type of content you will post, how frequently, and who will manage the page. Knowing this in advance will help you to succeed.

3. Begin Within

When the page is up, the graphics are in place and you have a few pieces of content there to make the page look active start inviting people. Build your audience internally first by inviting coworkers, friends, and family. Ask them to do the same and share the page with their connections. This internal adoption will extend outwards, but gives you a good base of fans to start with.

Remember, people spend a significant amount of Facebook daily, so there is a good chance that your business is already being searched on Facebook. There is nothing worse than a stagnant page that is sitting there doing nothing. Invest the time to make your Facebook page relevant by creating interesting content, engaging with fans, and rewarding them for engaging on your page.


 Manon Leroux Social media manager by day, mother of two and dog lover by night, a well-dressed fashionista all the time – Manon Leroux is founder of Savvy Social Solutions, a social media manager directory helping small business owners find freelancers and social media manager attract clients.

As a serial entrepreneur, Manon brings a great deal of energy, passion and enthusiasm to every client opportunity.  After years of working with companies to deliver effective and strategic social media programs she turned her focus to launching and growing Savvy Social Solutions.  She works with social media managers and small business owners to understand their social media outsourcing needs, the goal of the directory is to provide a resource of credible SMM’s for small business owners.  Social Media managers can help small business owners efficiently use social media marketing to build their business by creating brand awareness, building online communities, increasing audience engagement and more.

When she’s not making the social media world a better place – one “Like” at a time – Manon is trying to coral her two sons, aged 13 and 15.  She benefits of more than 20 years of customer service experience: she understands the power of strong customer relations.  Her professional portfolio includes multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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One Reply to “Setting up Your Business Facebook Page for Success via @sociallysavvy4u”

  1. Judy Yaron PhD

    My experience has taught me, Manon, that the most important thing is to have a plan, because, as you say, things don’t just happen. And, you want people to LIKE you for the right reasons – NOT what I call a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” exercise.

    I tried the business page for a while, with great enthusiasm, but did away with it very quickly. I found that most of my business crowd were belonged to my personal page as well and with Facebook manipulating viewings on my business pages, things got a bit confusing. Even with a personal page, if at the end of the day, business is your goal, you do need to make it sexy and have a plan.

    Good advice! HUGS <3

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