Social Media Doesn’t Owe Your Business Sh*t… by @evassolo

Don’t let social media’s rules of engagement stress you out.

by Elizabeth Vassolo | Featured Contributor

Why do we think social media will increase our revenue 5 thousand percent and propel our business into outer space?

For free.

No other form of advertising does that or even makes that claim.

So then why do we stomp our feet and shake our fingers at social media’s absurd request at charging businesses to promote a post?

Gone are the heydays of engaging with your social network for free.

The social channels are hip to their value, and why shouldn’t they try to make money?

After all, you charge for YOUR services.

So the moral of this story, it might be time to put a budget behind your social media efforts.

But before you drop a lot of cash, it’s important to understand how posts get turned into profits and tweets into tangible results.

It starts with the three phases your social media efforts must move through to show ROI.

These phases take a consistent, strategic effort over at least 9 to 12 months, but it can happen even quicker with a healthy budget.

Discovery is the first phase of an effective social media program. During this phase focus on cultivating a sizable community of customers, prospects, thought leaders, competitors, and news sources. Then share information like blog posts, original articles news and information, and other informative pieces of content that would benefit your community.

Engagement follows discovery.  At this point followers begin to join the discussion. By consistently sharing strong curated and original content, you will enforce your business as an industry thought leader and begin to create that digital ripple effect that compliments your brand.

Conversion is the final phase and the point at which you hope to take the conversation offline, drive people to your website,  and include them in your ongoing marketing efforts.

Understand the three phases, let lose with some cash for a budget and see how social media can really work for you.


Elizabeth Vassolo Elizabeth Vassolo: I’ve been a part of social media from the beginning. First as part of Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal digital launch team and now as an agency owner and Social Media consultant and guest speaker.

My advertising, branding and social media firm Vim, Vigor & Vassolo helps small to mid-size businesses overcome their communication challenges and shows them how to make their social media and digital presence work for them.

I also work as a digital consultant to other marketing firms and advertising agencies. And I’m the on-camera social media expert for PBS’s Illinois Business This Week.

When I’m not tweeting, blogging or branding, I’m reading, walking my dog, traveling and giving tram tours at the Morton Arboretum.

Let’s connect @evassolo.

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  1. Judy Yaron PhD

    “After all, you charge for YOUR services.” Can’t very well argue with that Elizabeth! But, we all try to squeeze as much as we can out of FREEBIES. At the end of the day, it’s like you say – offer quality, find the people who love it – and when the time is right for them, they will convert.

    THANKS for the reminder! HUGS <3

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