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©2014 Team Elmers
©2014 Team Elmers

by Pamela McCormick | Featured Contributor

You know that moment when someone asks you a simple question and your first reaction is, “No Way!” with a wave off of your hands protecting your face in defense?

Well that’s what happened to me recently when asked to be a part of a local charity dance-off event in our area. I’m ALL about helping charity, but the media exposure, my lack of skills in the ballroom dance area and the fear that I might “suck at it” were all weighing heavily with my internal response. Basically the first answer in my head was based out of downright FEAR! Not a good way to start, but it’s the truth and I own it.

I play many parts (hashtag mom, wife, teacher, writer, and dancer) in my book of life, but simply put….I was scared. Wobbly knees, shaky hands scared. I talked this through with my husband, in prayers and conversations in my head (as I weighed the pros and cons). Then I realized that I was OVERTHINKING…like most of us do in our adult lives.

Then the all-encompassing SHIFT of MIND.

It was my 4 year old daughter that reminded me to play, to have fun and make people smile. Her “let’s do this” attitude (that I’m used to having) brought me back to the place when I could actually answer from my HEART not my head.

YES!!! I can DO this!! It’ll be an ADVENTURE. I’ll learn NEW things. I’ll help others. I’ll open new doors. And I’ll DANCE. Yes. I’ll DANCE!!!!!!!! Do you see that girl in the photo? That’s me! Upside down me!

So I did, I said yes! And so far it has been one of the greatest experiences so far in my adult life (next to my wedding, births of children, meeting Donny Osmond and 2nd row at the Justin Timberlake concert) 😉 Okay you can stop laughing. I’m a self-proclaimed geek…but that’s my happy place where I can like what I like, and do what I do, no matter how opposite they may be.

So this big charity event is coming up very soon and will continue until December. I met my dance partner, the president of a local company , a local “star” in our area and we’ve been working hard on his “Foxtrot” steps. We are finding our dance partner connection and have been rehearsing for 5 weeks (about 5-6 hrs. a week – 1 hr. with a ballroom professional). Lots of work and sweat but we are READY to get on the DANCE FLOOR!! We are anxious to entertain, to have fun and raise money for our local charity. We will have a small part in changing the lives of hungry people in our area, babies in our area, school children with smiles when they receive their “Blessings in a Backpack” and local families that are hit with hard times financially.

THIS melts my heart to the core. It makes me realize that I should not live a life out of FEAR. I shouldn’t answer a question out of fear. I need to tap into my passions, my heart, and my strengths to know that with FAITH and support, I CAN do ANYTHING I put my mind to. I can make a difference. So can you!

All you need is that SHIFT of MIND to put you in the place you were meant to be…


Pamela McCormick, Creativity Promoter/Inspiration Generator

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.00.22 AMPam is a creative consultant, writer, editor and dance teacher/choreographer. In addition to the joys of being a Mom of three,  ages 14, 10, and 3, she has first-hand experience in the business of family and the opportunities of working women, as well as more than 10 years as a business executive in product development/creative coordination.

Pam, a Communications/Journalism graduate of Michigan State University, is also Managing Member and Creative Director of Creative Digital Ink, LLC, a Traverse City, Michigan-based consultancy. Creative development, copywriting, editing, marketing, photo shoot/project management and sales presentation speaking skills are all in her “dance bag” of tricks. With her varied background of business, leadership, motherhood and teaching, she has learned to “leap” through it all.

Pam is dedicated to social media and still encourages her inner child to jump for joy in the many “shoes” she wears. Working with adults and students of all ages, she understands well the transformative power of relationships, the impressive value of networking and how a simple hello can change your world. Pam is an eternal optimist determined to help you transform the chaos of your daily life into an enthusiastic “DANCE.” Pam’s inspirational blog can be viewed at

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