3 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website by @_LisaJacobs_

by Lisa Jacobs | Featured Contributor

Whatever your platform may be, whether you write a blog, run a small business or own an Etsy shop, here are 3 simple ways to increase traffic to your website:

#1 Get comfortable with exposure. 

If you have an online storefront, no doubt you’re in the business of creating. Whatever you create, be it an item, a product, a service, or a story … it’s personal. You put yourself out there every day, and that’s amazing, but because your business is so personal your perspective is almost always too close.

Lisa Jacobs of The Energy Shop for She Owns It

I created my first products for the Energy Shop (which now earns me approximately $20K in profits per year) on my kitchen island with less than $100 in supplies. That’s something to be proud of, however, I wasn’t telling many people I knew. I was scared of what a few critical and skeptical friends and family might think of the whole idea.

After the first year of business, I decided NO MORE HOLDING BACK! I realized that the people who are doing all the succeeding in life are the people who try and risk and leap.

The people in your life should build you up. Be fearless and allow yourself to be vulnerable to them. Once you decide you deserve a healthy support system, you’ll attract more of it!

Next action: Share your online storefront, blog or professional profile with all of your friends and family on Facebook right now! Ask them to like, follow, share or tweet … whatever you need. Wouldn’t you be more than willing to do the same for them?

# 2 Get readers and customers to spread the word.

My most popular blog articles have been the ones where I’ve given useful information for nothing in return. When my advice is helpful and action-oriented, people happily pin, share and tweet it. For example, this recap of the free series I did, 31 Days to Build Your Own Creative Business has been pinned 334 times and counting!

Likewise, my most popular sales have been those held in honor of my gratitude for my customers. I always make a point to say, “Thank you! Your business means the world to me.” In turn, they feel appreciated (as they should), and they go out of their way to help me spread the word.

Next action: The next time you write a post, send an email or otherwise put out something useful, end it with a non-pushy share request. Some examples: “If you feel called to do so, please send this to someone else who might need it.” – Or – “If you’ve found this useful, please tweet it to your followers.” Include a tweetable link for easy sharing. – Or – “Please feel free to share this special discount by forwarding the email to your friends or posting it on Facebook. Thanks for the referral!”

#3 Be SEO-conscious.

I’m not an SEO-guru, but I do know enough to get by, namely:

Speak your customer’s language. Product understand if my buy, you can’t using the language can I’m how? Which clearly proves my point: If you can’t understand the language I’m using, how can you buy my product?

For example, I called the jewelry in my shop “spiritual bracelets” for almost a year … until I realized I was the only one calling them that. My customers were searching for “energy” or “yoga” bracelets, and when I learned to use their language, I helped more potential buyers find me.

Don’t overstuff your titles. You know a shop owner just learned a new SEO trick when you see a product title that looks like this: “One of a kind handmade jewelry gemstone beaded bracelet for spiritual enlightenment, meditation, and trendy stacking arm candy”

We’ve all seen titles like this, or tried to post something like it at one time or another. However, when a customer visits and sees all of those keywords, it confuses their buying mind. They start to wonder: Do I know what I’m buying? Do you even know what you’re selling? And it’s a major turn-off for most visitors.

Next action: Do a search on your product and find out what other shop owners and businesses are calling it. Research Google results to see what else comes up or is suggested when you enter your product title. And then, intermix those keywords throughout your online storefront. For example, I’ve learned to title one piece “energy bracelet,” another “spiritual bracelet,” and yet another “yoga bracelet.” I’m still using all of the keywords, but the variables are so subtle that I won’t confuse the customer.


Lisa Jacobs, Owner of the Energy Shop and author of Marketing Creativity

Lisa JacobsLisa Jacobs writes the blog, Marketing Creativity for fellow creatives who aim to build a career with their own two hands. She offers a bundle of free marketing tools designed to help you get paid to be … you.

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