6 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Jump Start your New Year by @JenniferFrezza

sheownsit1by Jennifer Frezza  | Featured Contributor

2014 is a new year…. Guess what?  It is no longer unavoidable – your business NEEDS to have a social presence.   There are many, many social platforms out there, and each plays it’s own role in your marketing mix – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter solution for every company.

Marketing is a funny animal at the best of times – it is a dynamic mix of psychology, sociology, ingenuity and strategy. To be successful, it is imperative that you are able to:

  • identify what your message is
  • know whom you are talking to specifically
  • know what your end goal is.

Social media platforms are wonderful tools for creating communities of people who are both interested and engaged in your message.  Done properly, it allows businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level, meshing modern day technologies and the charm of olden days personalized service.

Each social platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc…) has it’s own language… it’s own culture, and in some cases sub-cultures, and it is important to look closely at them to decipher exactly how these tools will work to your advantage.

Here are 6 items that should be included in every social marketing strategy:


 1 – Show Up

There are countless numbers of forgotten business pages and profiles lurking around the platforms.  It is important to remember that setting up the profile is just the very first step.  Businesses should have a clear plan in place that outlines what they are talking about, to whom and how often.  Trust is something that is earned – and it is your job to work for it.

2 – Be Personable

How often have you heard that people are interested in doing business with people, not entities? Your business has a personality – let t shine.  This is the place to highlight your ideals and values – be personable.

3 – Encourage Discussion

Social platforms are not a one-way street.  Gone are the days of one-way dialogue that solely broadcast the message of the brand… It’s a new era of conversation surrounding topics that are of importance to both your customers and your brand.  These conversations vary from product to product, service to service, but you should be doing everything imaginable to encourage your target market to open up and discuss.

4 – Pick your playground

There are many, many social platforms out there – so pick the top 3-5 that make sense for YOUR business and invest your resources into making them work for you.  There is no law that says that you have to be represented everywhere**… even though it can be tempting.

5 – Don’t be afraid to share

Many people are afraid of sharing information because they feel that people will no longer be interested in paying for their services or will look elsewhere.  Many studies and research have shown the reverse to be true.  The act of freely sharing your knowledge and expertise actually creates feelings of trust and confidence… share away!

6 – Track, Track, Track

It is very important to keep detailed reports outlining your actions, the outcome and be able to analyze your progress.  Each platform has it’s own statistics and these need to be crunched in order to know what’s working – and what is not.   You need to be able to track what moves your community and what falls flat so that you are able to react and revise your strategy and marketing plan as you go.


In the end, it’s all about knowing how to combine your goals with your customer’s needs in the most mutually satisfying way possible.  So, jump in, get wet, have fun – and be ready to revise accordingly.

** Note It is recommended to reserve your name in as many platforms as possible though – for potential future use.


Jennifer Frezza - Social Media Fairy GodmotherJennifer Frezza – Social Media Strategist and Marketing Consultant – Montreal (Qc) Canada

What if you really  could  have a fairy godmother to make your dreams come true? What would you wish for? If you answered,  “a successful online presence”, you’re in the right place, in the right millennium!

As the founder of SocialMediaFairyGodmother.com boutique multimedia agency,  Jennifer Frezza  has one primary role: to develop customized and cross platform social media marketing strategies that get her clients noticed.

Driven by both her passion and in-depth understanding of the varied social media networking platforms – their differences  and  their advantages, Jennifer has created a powerful and effective program for businesses looking to get set-up in social media.  This program is based on Jennifer’s belief in the power behind leveraging strengths and optimizing time.  The social set-up media program is a proven and effective solution for business owners looking to become visible online.

Always at the frontline of social media changes and trends, Jennifer makes it her business to ensure that the ever-changing information and opportunities behind social media marketing strategies trickle down into every aspect of her clients’ business goals.

Jennifer is also the creator and strategist behind  The Social Media Round Table  where she leads groups of entrepreneurs towards the successful development of profitable relationships. Her innovative and proven approach has helped small- to mid-sized business owners from diverse industries.

Practicing what she preaches, Jennifer has a strong online presence herself:

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  1. Direct Response Marketing Consultant

    It’s likely that your customers are already on social networks, are you? So, your business should also be involved in social media. Explore the many social networking sites, and create a marketing campaign for the ones that best fit your business mix. This is a great way to form relationships and create new customers.

  2. Jenny

    I definitely want to revamp my social media strategies and these are great suggestions. I think I need to get more engaged with people on social media rather than delivering a monologue.

  3. Corina Ramos

    Thanks for sharing these tips. You hit it right on here.

    I encourage all of them especially sharing and tracking.

    Have a great new week.

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