4 Step Process For Gaining More Clients. by @toninelsonbiz

by Toni Nelson

What’s the one thing most people starting or running a business need?

They need guidance and direction from someone who’s been in their shoes. Someone who knows what they are going through.

In the 10 Day List Building Challenge (be sure to join while it’s FREE) I talk about offering something for free when people sign up for your newsletter.

If you are a service provider have you ever thought of offering a free consultation?

This is the perfect way to not only start helping people who can benefit from your email newsletters, products, etc., this person can benefit immensely by your giving your time and attention to them.

It’s a win- win for both you of you.

The free consultation can work for any number of businesses.

Let’s go through a four-step process to see how this works.

First you need to make the offer. Perhaps you are going to do this via email list. Then again you may decide that this will be your “gift” if they opt into your email list.

The offer can be for a 30-minute consultation valued at $$$. This shows the true value of what you are “gifting” them.

In your free offer you can also tell them this “gift” is only available for a limited time.

By doing these two things you’ve shown there is value in what you are “gifting” them and there is a urgency for them to take action.

Second your free consultation is not a sales pitch. It’s about finding out what this person needs and seeing how you can help them. You will need to have a strategy for the call.

At all times you want to be in control of the conversation.

Before you get together for your 30 minute consultation have the individual fill out a form. This form will tell you where they are in their business as well as where they want to go.

This is exactly what I do with my coaching clients.

Ask them what challenges they are having.

For the call to be truly beneficial to them you don’t want to be wasting time finding this information out. You want to know in advance how you can really help them.

Third is to deliver value. You need to demonstrate to them that that you not only know what you are talking about but that you are also the person they need to continue working with.

This person may have several key problems but since you only have 30 minutes take one of those problems and help them find a solution to it.

Sometimes you can solve a problem just by sharing your unique perspective.

Use questions to get great clarity into their pain points.

Fourth – you want to ask them how they feel the session went. Are there issues they feel they need continued help with?

Never make someone feel like they are backed into a corner. I’ve had people do that to me and it makes me immediately turn them off.

It is your job throughout the conversation to help them see how you can and will help them with their challenges.

When you do that it will be easier to ask them to continue with either a one on one session or help that is available through the products that you offer.

Realize that not everyone you spend time with will be your ideal client.

That’s fine because your goal for these calls is to find the people that are a fit for you and the products and services you offer.

Have you ever offered a free 30-minute consultation?

Did it bring in more clients?

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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