10 steps to smash your business goals this year! by @alyciaedgar

by Alycia Edgar | Featured Contributor

We all have grandious ideas about what we want to achieve in our business.  Not the day to day stuff but the projects you’ve had on your agenda for quite a while that get pushed to the side because the day to day just takes over.  There is a way to get those projects done each and every year and throw a big celebration at year end for your accomplishments.

You may have seen how to be more productive tomorrow and how to get the important stuff done each week but lets see how you can be more productive over the entire year.

The little things that make you more productive today and next week go along way to adding up to a year. But how do you tie it all together to make the power of many into the sum of the whole.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Clarify your Vision. What are you and what are you becoming?
  2. Clarify your mission.  What do you do? What business are you in?
  3. Set some bold goals.  What goals can you set that aren’t comfy but big, hairy, audacious goals?  They make you want to squirm and the prospect of achieving it makes you want to jump up and down with glee, but the thought of the journey involved to get there makes you want to vomit.
  4. Break It Down. Take each bold goal and write down the steps involved in getting there.  Depending on the goal you may have from 2 to 6 steps.  Otherwise known as a milestone.
  5. Break It down again. With each step you’ve arrived at ask yourself what are the tasks involved to achieve that step.  Write them as if you had to explain it to a 5 year old.
  6. Estimate time. How much time will each task take? (and be realistic)  Add up the estimated time to achieve each milestone.
  7. Set a BHAG Date.  Lock It in. When exactly do you want to achieve your BHAG?  Perhaps it’s a completed book, launching a new program, new website launched? Pick a date. If you’d read this post you will already have your business development days and have plotted them onto your wall calendar.  Lock in your BHAG date. Really lock it in. Circle it, highlight it, star it.  This is achievement day!
  8. Plot Your Milestones. Now work backwards, plot in your milestones by assigning dates based on the estimated time to achieve each milestone.
  9. Run out of time to Schedule? No business development days left when plotting out the milestones? Good to know isn’t it.  You have a few choices, push out your BHAG date, schedule in more business development days or get more resources.  Pick one and adjust accordingly.
  10. Record Your Tasks. Take the tasks and put into your task management software, notebook or whatever you use.  Your due dates for these tasks are dependent on their estimated time allocation and when the milestone is due to achieve, write it down, schedule it in, make it happen!

Now get to it.  See you in a year!!!

Like to see how this works with an actual business?  I’ve created a free download of a case study for this formula above. Simply click on this link to access your free download.

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2 Replies to “10 steps to smash your business goals this year! by @alyciaedgar”

  1. Branko Zecevic

    Anyone who creates goals in this way is half way to accomplishing them.
    Achieving great levels of action and persistence is so much easier if you have your goals that guide you on the path.

  2. Raymond Le Blanc

    Alycia, thank you for this excellent post on goal setting. Many still underestimate the value of setting goals. They are wrong.

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