Stay Motivated; How To Craft Your Inspiring Mission Statement by @tochi5

by Tochi Eze | Featured Contributor

It is common to find entrepreneurs caught up in the frenzy of product creation and marketing. I do not mean to downplay these elements but I have come to realize from personal experience that almost predictably, as a business begins to grow and diversify, the business owner’s initial passion tends to burn out and that familiar bolt of beginner’s energy begins to fizzle away.

In those moments, the business purpose becomes a watery illusion, leaving the entrepreneur and possibly employees, uncertain as to how the business got to where it is and how it should further travel with its objectives.

At this point, please feel free to disregard my boring introduction. 🙂 . My point basically is that your business needs a mission statement and a compelling one at that.

Because like it or not, there will be days when you will wake up with doubt, fears and a truck load of distractions. When those days come, you should have your mission statement to remind you of your business purpose, market offerings and general awesomeness.

Needless to say, having a compelling mission statement has long term benefits of  boosting your brand image, increasing your market purchase power and motivating employee productivity.

And if you are only about the fun; having a mission statement is way more interesting than not having one at all.

So, essentially, we should look at creating a mission statement from 3 critical elements: Essence. Communication. Inspiration

1. Essence: Your mission statement should capture the general aims and purpose of your business without leaving anything to be imagined. However, this information (and by that I mean your entire mission statement) should not exceed a modest paragraph. When crafting your mission statement, always bear in mind that brevity is key; simplicity is power!

2. Communication: So you have captured your business essence? The real question is, does the document convey what you believe you stand for? Can your readers (who will probably be your employees and clients) connect with its contents?

3. Inspiration:  This is possibly the most important aspect of your mission statement and this is its ultimate objective. Invariably, whenever you read your mission statement, it should create a desire to believe, to remember, and to act.

Still crave something simpler? I have you covered. Consider these questions when crafting your mission statement and feel free to adopt the template below. Yes Yes, God bless my gorgeous heart.

What needs does your business meet?

How does it meet these needs?

Why are you different from others?

Where do you see your business in the next 10 years?

What is your brand promise?

The Mission of (Business Name) ……………………………………………………………….
is to(long term objective)………………………… by(service/methods)…………………………………………
Our promise is to…………………………… and ………………………….. and …………………………..


Your mission statement should read something like this:

The Mission of QuickFood Limited is to become Africa’s premier restaurant delivery service by offering our clients an exciting array of meal options and delivery services. Our promise is to introduce freedom, flexibility and fun, easing the fast pace of metropolitan life and redefining amazing customer experience.

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2 Replies to “Stay Motivated; How To Craft Your Inspiring Mission Statement by @tochi5”

  1. Tochi Eze

    Thank you Karen,your comment has inspired me as well.

    Words give colours to our dreams, expression to our thoughts and platforms for our significance 🙂

  2. Karen Hoyt

    Tochi Eze –

    You are my first link from Triberr and I must say it was a delightful read! I have a mission statement and the blog was great.

    What touched me was your way with words. I’m a word lover and use them to motivate others on their health journey. I’m also a teacher and am starting a unit on Henry David Thoreau. He is a great example of how words written in isolation can reach across time and space to penetrate the lives of countless people.
    YOUR words have inspired me today.
    Thank you!

    Karen Hoyt

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