Stop Playing Small and Get Ready to Make a Bigger Impact in 2018! by @beverlywalthour

by Beverly Walthour

As we begin a new year, so many entrepreneurs are reflecting on the things they will do to take their businesses to the next level. As a Business Strategist for female coaches and consultants, I spend a great deal of time working with my clients to help them get to that next level. Oftentimes, when my clients come to me, they have tried so many different things to get to that next level. However, as we begin to work together, they usually have gaps in a few areas. Those areas include: 1) getting clear on their ideal client and their messaging, 2) repackaging and pricing their services so that they can easily charge at least $3,000, and 3) how and where to show up so that they attract their idea clients. Once we fill in these missing areas, they take off soaring.

Once you have the 1st two steps complete, the 3rd steps is key to taking your business to the next level. For those coaches and consultants that were rock solid in these two steps, I took the 3rd step to create my 60K in 60 Days Group Program™. The goal of this is for coaches and consultants to get their businesses in front of 60,000 people in 60 days! The results from my 1st cohort were absolutely AMAZING! They have received more clients, more collaborations, and more clients in just 60 days!

They were able to accomplish this by focusing on 2 things: 1) nurturing their current audience and 2) tapping into other people’s audiences! The key to their success is found below:

  • Have a Big, Bold Promise that you can back up.
  • Shift your focus from selling to building relationships.
  • 3 key steps to building relationships are to:
  • Providing valuable content
  • Genuinely engaging with other people’s content
  • Offering your services/products that you know will benefit them

By doing this, they were able to nurture their current audiences and turn their followers into buyers.
To tap into other people’s audiences, they focused on getting featured on podcasts, getting published in online publications, and doing speaking events (i.e. on the stage, virtual summits, guest on various Live Streams, etc.). By providing incredible content to someone else’s audience, you are given the opportunity to have them become a part of your audience.

But do know that nurturing your current audience and tapping into other people’s audiences is not always an easy task. But in order to take your business to the next level, you must be ready to:

  • Take action
  • Get outside your comfort zone
  • Do the work
  • Invest in your business
  • Doing these things can look like:
  • Letting others know that you are interested in doing more speaking events
  • Responding to a social media post requesting guest speakers
  • Researching online publications to pitch to
  • Challenging yourself to go Live at least once a week

In other words, it involves you putting yourself out there so that others can learn more about your and your business.

Are there going to be days you doubt yourself? Of course. However, you have a decision to make in that moment.

Will you give into the doubt and go back to playing small, or will you push past it and make the bigger impact you were put on this Earth to create? The choice is yours!


My name is Beverly Walthour, I am a Business Strategist, Speaker, Author.

I am the CEO of BCW Business Ventures, LLC, where it is my mission to help 5,000 female coaches & consultants create time and financial freedom in 2018!

I have more than 15 years’ experience as an award-winning educator and trainer and over 10 years as an entrepreneur. I have inspired hundreds of passionate women to confidently build and grow their online businesses.

I’ve supported women of faith all around the world by equipping, educating and empowering them with the system that helps them:

Clarify their services in a way that attracts high-paying clients.
Package your offers in a way that delivers massive value.
Create a lead magnet and email series that leave clients wanting to work with you.
Market themselves to their ideal customers and clients.
Create a steady flow of high-paying clients

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