Stop Wasting Time by @TheEmpireStrat

Hands of a woman sitting at her desk and writing an inspirational message in her notebook.
Hands of a woman sitting at her desk and writing an inspirational message in her notebook.

by Shannon Davis

One of my biggest pet peeves is wasted time. I’m that person who answers client emails in waiting rooms and brainstorms my next blog post while stuck in traffic. I’m pretty sure that most entrepreneurs are wired this way. We know that time is money, so why are we constantly wasting our time doing things for our biz that someone else could do quicker? You need to let go of some of your precious control and let a pro handle whatever you aren’t a pro at.

So how do we stop wasting time?


Evaluate Your Weaknesses

These can take many forms: Maybe you can’t make a pinnable image to save your life. Maybe you absolutely hate formatting your newsletter. Maybe it takes you four hours to write every blog post. Stop wasting your time. Figure out the stuff that you hate doing, are bad at doing, or take way too much time doing, and stop doing it.

Find Your Team

Find a team that you can trust to take over the stuff you found in step one! I know you won’t trust just anyone with your precious biz, so you’ll be looking for the best of the best. The awesome part is, once you’ve found your team you’ll free up hours of your time to actually work on what you love to do.

Let Someone Else Manage

Now that you have your perfect team helping you with whatever it is you shouldn’t be doing, you don’t want to spend all of your time managing that team. Your copywriter and graphic designer need to figure out the details for an upcoming ad, and rather than bothering you with the details, someone managing your team could handle it for you. Instead of countless emails telling your VA exactly what you want done with your newsletter, the manager can handle it.

Save yourself the stress and just get completed, high quality work done for all the parts of your biz that you dread doing.


Shannon DavisShannon Davis is the online business manager extraordinaire behind The Empire Strategist. She began offering virtual support for entrepreneurs in early 2013, and rapidly grew from zero to fully booked in under 6 months, allowing her to leave her corporate job behind for good! Shannon uses her systems savvy and administrative expertise to take the behind-the-scenes operations of online business from shaken-up to supremely seamless.

Shannon also enjoys exploring new cultures, putting her History degree to use by volunteering on archaeological excavations (where she met her fiancé) and diving into the chaos that is planning her destination wedding.

See how she can help you take your online business to online empire at The Empire Strategist. You can connect with Shannon on Facebook or on Twitter.

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