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Unique Cat Businesses using Social Media Exceptionally Well to Connect with their Customers


by Lisa Illman 

There is no question, social media is here today, it’s here to stay and when connecting with clients, Entrepreneurs have found a way! The big retail giants like Petco and PetSmart use the Internet for sales and some marketing, but I have noticed the small businesses that have a unique value, really have an advantage when it comes to connecting with their customers via various social media channels. The pet businesses who have mastered at least one social media outlet really seem to connect with their customers. And when small businesses successfully connect with customers, sales go up, up, up! Below are two small businesses using the Internet really well to communicate their brand, their message and their products.




Cats have figured out how to rule the Internet and Kate Benjamin has figured out how to incorporate her love for kitties and her experience as a Designer into a thriving business called Hauspanther. This online magazine focuses on modern design for felines and the folks who love them. The key is modern when it comes to this hot spot for kitties. Hauspanther offers information on all the hottest modern products, services and design ideas. Not only is Hauspanther focused on the aesthetics of kitty cat habitats, they seek out information that improves the lifestyle of the feline as well as the cat owner. Through an online subscription, you can receive editions of this modern feline design magazine right to your inbox. In addition, you can catch Hauspanther on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Quality information isn’t all they provide through the Internet. There is also an online store with unique and interesting cat products including but not limited to cat scratchers, toys, feeders and even cat tattoos! Kate Benjamin has been blogging, tweeting, posting and snapping photos of her beloved fur babies and the business that serve them since 2007. Her cat business continues to grow and thrive, and it’s mostly all done through social media!


Cat Lady Box

Coming out of the gate this year, the Cat Lady Box is another feline online business that has cats and their owners swooning. This unique service is done online through Facebook, Twitter and a website. The Cat Lady Box specializes in cat products, with a twist. The owner, Dorian Wagner, who is a cat lover herself, goes out and finds unique products to fill up boxes for her customers. Customers can choose a box filled with cat owner goodies or the customer can purchase a box filled with cat owner goodies and treats for the kitties too! The Cat Lady Box uses Facebook to post “sneak peeks” of specialty items that could be included in the box. By gauging her followers response to posts, Dorian can determine which unique products to order and which to take a pass on. She basically gets feedback ahead of time, which is quite clever if you think about it. Rather then sending out product that her customers do not want, and rather then stocking products that won’t turn, Dorian is learning the taste of her clients right out of the gate.   The Cat Lady Box Facebook Page already has well over 3.5k likes, which is pretty impressive for a new small business that just opened their doors!



The reach that social media has in the world today is quite extraordinary. Creating a unique value proposition for customers and using social media to serve this is a successful combination. The kitty cats are not only ruling the Internet, the business owners who serve them seem to have a leg up here too!




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