The Hypocrisy of the Annette Bosworth Trial by @1000Girlfriends

by Kathy Scott | Featured Contributor

Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, left a lot of women, including myself a little empty. “Leaning in” hasn’t been the problem. Often when women are leaning in, the men lean out and sometimes they even leave the room and slam the door shut, at least that’s how it feels when it comes to politics. Even more disconcerting is how viciously women are treated openly, eviscerated and humiliated publicly, while people simply stand by and do nothing.

From: Cory Allen Heidelberger <>
Subject: Kathy Scott—inappropriate content

Message Body:
Dear Ms. Stewart:

You may want to review and edit Kathy Scott’s latest blog post concerning Annette Bosworth and my coverage of her Senate campaign and perjury conviction. The post contains numerous unsubstantiated allegations that I am a sexist who hates women. The post attributes to me an anonymous comment without any evidence that I was responsible for those words. The post copies entire posts from my blog without my permission. The post far exceeds the 900-word limit specified in your guest posting guidelines. Most importantly, the post does little to support your blog’s mission of “celebrating, supporting & connecting women entrepreneurs” and instead focuses on launching strange, hard-to-defend personal attacks.

She Owns It is your blog to do with as you wish. Simply be aware that Scott’s personal attacks do not appear to fit the otherwise positive, empowering mission and tone of your site.

Cory Allen Heidelberger
Dakota Free Press
Aberdeen, SD

The post has moved. You can see the post  HERE.

With regard to his THREAT – Women Still Own It. Look up Fair Use and the First Amendment which Heidelberger have been hiding behind. Women will continue to speak for women who are being attacked.

Ask the Law Geek: Is publishing screenshots Fair Use?

Generally, four factors must be considered in context, as a whole to determine whether a reproduction is fair use or unfair use, i.e. copyright infringement. The four factors of fair use are:

  1. The purpose and character of the use: Reproduction for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research is not copyright infringement. This probably covers most blogs and personal websites, but there are other factors to consider.
  2. The nature of the copyrighted work: The Supreme Court has said that this factor is often “not much help,” but the nature of the original could become more important when dealing with digital works that may be reproduced not one time, but one million times, in a fraction of the time.
  3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole: If the original is 10,000 pages, and the culprit reproduces one page, that is probably not infringement. But, if the original is one page, and the culprit still reproduces one page, he has probably infringed on the copyright.
  4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work: This one gets fun. The Supreme Court has rejected an irrebuttable presumption that commercial reproduction eliminates the fair use defense, but reproduction for a commercial purpose may push the secondary use closer to infringement and farther away from fair use. This factor requires the court to consider the relevant market and the competitive atmosphere while simultaneously trying to increase the welfare of Americans, two often competing interests. For instance, although a corporation may limit many forms of unauthorized reproduction of its software, the FCC has stated that truthful, non-deceptive comparative advertising is both legal and important to a healthy marketplace.As is true in most intellectual property, courts seek to strike a balance between the rights and incentives of the rights holders and the welfare and benefit of the general public.


Me and My 1000 Girlfriends, That’s Who!
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Kathy ScottThis is how the Tony Awards got their name via @TIMEHistoryKathy Scott launched Me and My 1000 Girlfriends, That’s Who!  in 2011 as a Facebook community of women poised to assist each other when asked to create and distribute emails, phone calls or letters.  City council members, senators and governors were recipients of communication including Florida politicians interested in creating controversial 2011 Teacher Merit Pay Legislation, which planned to tie teacher salaries to students’ grades. The move would have hurt some underperforming low income areas where many teachers most wanted to teach, but would be unable to do so with the low pay rate. The legislation was hotly debated with 1000 Girlfriends doing their best to communicate to legislators. The law was later vetoed by Governor Crist.

Scott can be heard every Wednesday evening at 7pm ET at the Women on the Move Blog Talk Radio program. She recently launched her clothing and premium design – Women’s Party of America available on her Website under the Shop tab.  Her success mantra is: Failure is not an option. Connect with 1000 Girlfriends on Twitter and at Facebook.


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4 Replies to “The Hypocrisy of the Annette Bosworth Trial by @1000Girlfriends”

  1. Teri Auch

    This is a outstanding narrative of Annette’s character assassination by the dark forces of the status quo. From the schizoid outbursts of Cory and crowd to the Keystone Kop antics of the SD state med board, this is the first “all inclusive” reveal of the near daily trials that this fine woman and her family endures. I know because i have seen and heard them with my own eyes and ears over the past 3 years. Hopefully other writers will pick up this story and help the “Sheepoeple” wake up to this travesty of justice.

  2. Nancy Roscoe

    This is a travesty of not only how women in politics are treated but the current judicial system that exists in the state of South Dakota. The truth needs to be shouted until Washington can hear. This brand of hate and disrespect has gone on far too long for Dr. Annette Bosworth. It is time it stopped!

  3. Delaine Shay

    Kathy, Thank you for recognizing and bringing out the truth of what has been wrongfully happening in the extreme unjustice where Dr. Bosworth has been outlandishly charged/convicted.

  4. tara volesky

    The people of SD that are standing for Dr. Annette Bosworth can’t thank you enough!!!!!! The tide is turning and South Dakota is slowly waking up because of people like you who are getting the truth out…….Thanks again to Kathy and her 1000 girlfriends and counting. SD women are joining your army of girlfriends.

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