Homemade Millionaire’s Marcy McKenna – To Succeed or Not to Succeed…It’s All Up to You!

by Marcy Mckenna

I got so much great feedback from my blog about “Taking Control of Your Day” that I thought I would expand upon it even further.

People really responded positively to the idea of setting your alarm and leaving it in the bathroom, thereby eliminating the possibility of hitting the “snooze button.” That really got me thinking…every one of us have a proverbial “snooze button” inside our heads that prohibits us from obtaining our goals. Whether you choose to hit that button or not, is ultimately up to one person—you! And it’s that decision that will ultimately determine your success in life.

In our heads, there are always things we know we should do, something we’ve been putting off, a task we’re afraid to tackle—maybe it’s losing 10 lbs., filing our taxes or taking that next step toward executing a new business idea or invention. By hitting that button in our heads, we allow ourselves to come up with every imaginable excuse to procrastinate, avoid or stay stuck in our rut. Just as hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock in the morning allows you to stay in bed, hitting that snooze button in your head allows you to stay stagnate in your life.

Every time you find yourself coming up with an excuse for why you shouldn’t do something, recognize that that’s your internal snooze button. You have a choice—will you hit it, and put off the task that could lead you to your goals or will you choose to ignore it, and take that valuable step? Challenge yourself to ignore that snooze button for seven days straight—when you find yourself rationalizing why you shouldn’t do something…instead…just do it. You will be amazed at your ability to move toward your goals in a very short period of time.

Successful people don’t hit their snooze buttons, and neither should you!

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Marcy McKenna is the product innovator and energetic entrepreneur behind Simply Solved Innovations. Born into a family of inventors, she knew since childhood that inventing was her calling. Inspired by problems she encounters as a female, a business woman, a homemaker and a mother of three she began creating solutions that make life easier, better and a lot more fun. One such solution garnered the attention of Kelly Ripa, and her TLC television venture, Homemade Millionaire. So much so, that her invention, The Style and Go™ Hair Care Valet ended up beating out thousands of others to become the winner on Homemade Millionaire’s premiere episode. A slate of other highly creative and innovative products are currently in development. The first of her products to hit the market was The Cambia™ Collection clutch purse, which debuted on HSN in November 2010. Now sold out on HSN, the Cambia™ Collection, is an interchangeable clutch purse that allows women to effortlessly stay on the forefront of high fashion at a tiny fraction of the cost.  In  September Marcy is launching an exciting new coffee brewing product on HSN that promises to revolutionize the single cup brewing craze.  Another of her products, which is still under wraps at this time,  just became the winner of Edison Nation’s “As Seen on TV” product search and will be launching nationwide via infomercial in the near future. Her Homemade Millionaire winning product, The Style and Go™,  will have its world launch on HSN July 25, 2012. You can find Marcy at www.MarcyMckenna.com

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6 Replies to “Homemade Millionaire’s Marcy McKenna – To Succeed or Not to Succeed…It’s All Up to You!”

  1. Tonia nwachuku

    Hi Marcy…great advice…..I too have invented something for girls ages 5-30. It can be so difficult when you have a special needs child like I have…but…if you can do it so can I …you are my inspiration.
    Hey Marcy help your sisters out and tell us how you got your patent and any other useful information.

  2. Car

    Great article, Marcy! You snooze you lose comes to mind!

    1. Marcy

      Love it…wish I had thought of that! “You snooze, you lose!”

  3. Edmund Lee

    I love the analogy that you used when comparing the snooze button for the alarm clock with the snooze button in our lives. Really helps to drive home the point!

  4. Michael McDonald

    Great analogy. It’s so easy to just say 5 more minutes and end up ruining a day. I’ve really had to readjust from being a night owl to waking up early to get my workouts in. I still work late nights but made a commitment to myself that I would workout every day barring any other situations that come up but mostly have been successful.

  5. Kerry Postel

    I love this analogy! I’m bad at hitting that real snooze button too! Must get better at that! This will be something that will stay in my mind now! Thanks!

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