The One Business Mistake That Every Coach Makes At Some Point

You are exactly where you need to beby Christie Mims

You are a new coach – yay! That’s awesome.

Or maybe you’ve got a good coaching practice already up and running – even better.

Either way, you are probably feeling pretty good about yourself and where you are headed.

And then….

You listen to a podcast about someone else in business who did something amazing.

Or, you check out a website for another coach who has so many cool offerings.

Or you are chatting with a friend about coaching and they say: “Have you seen so-and-so coach, they just flew to the moon and taught 40,000 people how to overcome fears all at once. What have you been up to?”

And all at once the pit of despair opens beneath you and you think: I SHOULD DO THAT.

This other coach wrote a book, is on a speaking tour, and has a full slate of private clients – I should do that!

The other coach host 4 private retreats a year – I should do THAT.

The list goes on and on.


It’s easy to fall into this trap of thinking that you should be where someone else already is.

We like to compare ourselves to others, but the truth is that comparing your business to someone else is always an apples to orange comparison. Especially when you are looking at someone with a lot more experience than you.

Your business is not their business.

Your clients are not their clients.

Your strengths in marketing and coaching are not their strengths in marketing and coaching.

And when you compare you start to feel AWFUL.

Why don’t you do a retreat for your clients at a house in Bali? 

Why aren’t you an NYT bestseller?

Why don’t you have at least 5 products to offer?

It’s a recipe for disaster.


But here’s the important bit: Those other coaches started out feeling the exact same way that you do now.

No one starts their coaching business with everything perfect and thought out. NO ONE.

Everyone starts with basically nothing except some skills and an idea.

So you are exactly where you should be.

Focus on doing one thing extremely well. Maybe it’s coaching private clients. Maybe it’s writing that first book.

It doesn’t matter – just focus and do that one thing extremely well. Own that thing. DOMINATE that thing.

And then you can grow and build and add.

You’ll absolutely get there.

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