5 Key Steps to a Successful Vision Board by @xoxoamyjo

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by Amy Jo | Featured Contributor

You know when you start hearing chatter about something new – and then you hear it again…and again…and again? This is exactly what happened when I first heard about vision boards. It was a few years ago as I was stepping into the “holistic living” world when I began hearing buzz about these things people call “vision boards”. I assumed it was just an art project, similar to collage, where you cut out fancy pictures from magazine and stick them on a sheet of poster board. Seems easy enough, right?

So why was this activity getting so much more press over basic collage? I mean, do these things perform miracles or something?! HOW could a little poster board with photos on it change my life in any way?

So I began to research vision boards and the more I studied them, the more I was intrigued. These boards aren’t just photos glued to a poster board. They’re intricately picked images of your deepest desires and dreams. They’re a compilation of quotes, imagery and objects, that all come together to specifically show you EXACTLY where your life can be if you stay determined and stay motivated. Vision boards provide clarity around your goals and remind you each day to keep on truckin’. You have to put out into the universe specific, actionable goals in order for things to happen. Specific goals get specific results!

Here are 5 steps to create a rockin’ Vision Board:

  1. Choose a specific goal. I always recommend vision boards to my clients because they’re fun to make and can be hung on the wall so that EVERY DAY they can be reminded of what they are striving for. Being specific about a goal, whether making a vision board or not, is the KEY to achieving that goal. Strong goals are actionable, attainable and, of course, specific. Simply saying, “I want a better life” isn’t good enough. Instead, you might say, “I want to make $3,000 this month so I can relax knowing all my bills are paid.”
  1. See your goal. Close your eyes. Take 3 deep, solid breaths in through your nose and out though your mouth. Ahh…doesn’t that feel good? Now, with your eyes closed, what does your goal look like? How does it feel? How does it smell? What do you hear when you’ve achieved it? Getting ALL of your senses involved in setting your goal is so important. By doing this, you are stepping into the feeling of already achieving it. Doesn’t your goal feel good? Don’t you want to feel this way when it’s achieved? EXACTLY! Using all of your sense during your time of goal setting sets you up for success instantly.
  1. Fully believe your goal will happen. What good is having a goal if you’re constantly thinking, “Meh, I can’t do that.” YES YOU CAN! You made your goal actionable and achievable, remember? Recognize what you’re telling yourself about your life. Is it positive or negative? Grab on to those positive thoughts so that the negative thoughts have no other choice but to say buh-bye! You CAN achieve your goal and you WILL because in step #2 you felt how awesome achieving your goal would feel. And who doesn’t want to feel awesome??
  1. Build your board. Magazines. Books. Quotes. Photos. Objects. You name it, it should be on your board! If my vision board was “Dream Vacation to Bora Bora 2016”, I’d have sunset photos, money, dolphin photos, sand, a bikini photo, tropical fish photos, pineapple photos, and maybe I’d even throw in things that need to happen in my business to get me to Bora Bora! If I was feeling fancy, I’d put an Ocean Breeze candle by my board so that when I walked by, I’d LITERALLY smell the beach. I mean, you could go all out and have ocean waves playing in the background. As you can see in this example, ALL of my senses are involved. I’m SEEING the amazing photos. I’m SMELLING the ocean (..ish). I’m FEELING the sand. I’m HEARING the waves. I’m thinking about the TASTE of those pineapples…mmmm so good. Who WOULDN’T want to do everything they could to experience this amazing tropical island!?
  1. Soak it in. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Each and every morning, wake up and stand in front of your vision board for no less than 5 minutes. THIS is your goal. THIS is what you’re working for. THIS WILL BE YOURS! Why? Because you’re taking amazing steps RIGHT NOW to achieve your goals. You’ve taken the steps of STEPPING IN to that feeling of achieving your goal, you’ve used ALL of your senses to help keep you motivated, and you’re totally BELIEVING that you WILL accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Stand in front of your vision board again for 5 minutes before you go to bed. Try not to do anything else while you’re doing this. Why? Because it’ll distract your from the purpose of the board. The purpose is to fully be immersed in your goal so that there is no other option but to achieve it.
  1. BONUS TIP: Relax! Remember our awesome 3 deep breaths earlier? Focus on believing in yourself and trusting that you’ve got this. You were born an amazing, unique individual who is capable of EVERYTHING she sets her mind to. So take those deep breaths and achieve those amazing dreams of yours!

You can make a vision board for ANYTHING! Money, vacations, your dream home, a new car..the possibilities are endless. So the only question is, what will your next vision board be? Download my free guide to create the ultimate vision board that works FOR you.


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Amy Jo – International Success Coach + Soul Painter 

Amy Jo As a firm believer in listening to your body’s intuition, Amy Jo founded Soul Paint Co. as a way to encourage women to step into their spotlight. She coaches women around the world to balance their 5 “hot spots” in order to live an abundantly successful and fulfilling life. What are the 5 “hot spots”, you ask? They consist of: Health & Wellness, Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Career, & Spirituality. Amy Jo believes that how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING! When any of these “hot spots” are out of alignment, they affect other areas of your life as well. By balancing these areas, we create space for the magic to happen and to live the life we want! When she’s not coaching, Amy Jo is leading Soul Painting retreats focusing on listening to your intuition through the process of painting. These retreats are moving experiences that break through self judgement and open the heart to greater self love.

Amy Jo has her Bachelors of Arts in Art Therapy, as well as certifications in Holistic and Integrative Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She was awarded the POP Scholarship from the National Association of Women Business Owners and is a lover of beaches, elephants, and antique shops.

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